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Sun, Sky and Sects - Part 1
Arkaden Tarnet. The capital of Arkaden Dividre, home of the Mages Council, and contains a plethora of races and species.  Earthborns were not common visitors in the capital, and Toana was fully aware of this fact. Stepping off her ship, the Burning Phoenix, she checked the bracer on her forearm, pushing a couple of buttons. It was her first visit, and having a map would be handy.  However, she didn't take two steps before running into a hunk of muscle, breaking her from her thoughts.
"Hey, kid! Who did you steal that from?"
Pulling herself from the man, she saw an orc and a drow in what vaguely resembled law enforcement, and not the kind, gentle ones.
"Is it so hard to believe it's my ship?"
"Yeah, you are merely a child – no kid could afford that sort of technology,"
"I assure you that the Phoenix is under my registration – I am Captain Toana Winters,  that should be sufficient to prove my honesty…"
The Orc spoke, looking at his apparent bo
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 4 0
Discovery - Part 2
As Rappy made her way home, she felt slightly relieved – she hadn't exactly heard the kindest rumours about Hale, so to walk away from their fight without a scratch was a bonus. However, the way she talked about Toao, had her uneasy. What did he do to anger her so much?
"Dangit, Toao…What are you up to?"
Wishing she knew where he was, Rappy looked up at her door, having her wish granted instantly, although not in the best way. Sitting passed out on her steps was Toana, several wounds across her body, her clothes showing signs of battle. Cursing under her breath, the matriarchal Sauroblood ran the remaining distance, lifting the teenage Scotsperson inside, laying her on the couch.
"How did you get into this mess?"
"Perhaps I can answer that, Mrs Winters,"
Rappy turned instinctively towards the voice, Demonbane in her hand, staring at a cloud.
"My name, nor my form is important at the moment – what is important is what happened to the girl who is lying on y
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Discovery - Part 1
It was a clear, cold night on top of the garage near the Arena. There was no sound, except for the exhausted grunts of application coming from one of the ships parked there. The man tossed the wrench away, satisfied that his addition to the machine was on tight.
“There…that gets the sensors range increased…”
Stretching, yawning rather loudly, he lay on his back on the roof of the interstellar beauty, rubbing his eyes. His sleep had been less than good lately, his mind filled with not so much nightmares, more…jumbled images. Sitting up, he looked upwards, as if directing his speech and thoughts to someone unseen.
“Something isn’t right…that’s what my body is telling me…”
Toao stood up, examining the blue and red pendant he had forged nearly a year ago. It was meant to stabilize his rather unstable DNA, however he was beginning to wonder if it really did anything like he designed it to.
“It should have stabilized by now…alt
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Inner Insanity
The rooms silence is worse than a thousand boos
People tell me I've won, yet the signs say I lose
Surronded by people who will forget me after all is said and done
The majority of this life will be a party of one
Hideous beasts surface, their misdeeds forgotten
The fables they spin will forever smell rotten
Surpressing rage as I'm told to forgive
Never, I say, as long as I live
Some may call me pessimistic, others may call me a cynic
I may even hold more rage than an internet critic
I dismiss these labels, although they aren't far from being true
I prefer passionate and realistic, but there's no difference between the two
I'll run from my problems, I'll admit that
Hell, I can go berserk from the drop of a hat
My mind is a rather messed-up place,
However I hide my conflict behind this mask I call a face
I've seen childhood friends come, and then go
I've seen traitors claiming to be as pure as fresh snow
Twice I've came close to meeting Death
Twice I've slipped through his fingers, refus
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 4 4
Outside, the clouds loom a dark, angry grey
It seems to echo my feelings about travelling this day.
Going to bed early, awake before four,
Still bleary eyed as I rush out the door
Travelling solo, an ocean seperating me from home,
The worry in my reflection from the gleaming chrome.
Many tips given, wanted or not
Breathing heavily as my stomach ties into a tight knot
Going through security, being as I can
My shoes set off an alarm, got groped by a large hairy man
Gawking at the price of airport food, my eyes open wide
A pound twenty for a small bottle of juice, I nearly cried!
Sitting bored out of my mind, waiting for the gate,
I'm rather thankful I wasn't late.
The silence broken by the roar of the plane,
News of delays cause groans filled with disdain
Stuck in the window seat, the ocean is all I can see,
Having to slip past people just so I can go pee.
Struggling to watch the tiny TV screen,
Hoping that the TV is properly clean
Small child behind me, kicking my seat
Struggling to res
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 4 7
Toao - done by trainerBAM by Bahamut625 Toao - done by trainerBAM :iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 6 4
Gift for Rappy
Deep down in the Louisiana swamp,
There is a girl who is a nice person to glomp.
Rosy red lips and piercing eyes of gold
With a shining, toothy smile that never grows old.
With muscles of a warrior and the mind of a mage,
There is not a power that can contain her primal rage.
With a severe addiction to Mr. Pibb
She cares deeply for all her babes in every single crib.
Able to read her family and friends like a book,
She produces art that’s always worth a look.
Her craziness and silliness knows no end,
Her morals and ideals, she will fight to defend
She has a wit as sharp as her sword,
Most people flee when she mentions she’s bored.
Her determination has let her become a top-class agent
She will keep on fighting until every last drop of mana has been spent.
She has overcome many trials in her life,
Now enjoying the world she has now as a mother, a sister and a wife.
From fighting her own father, and the trouble he made,
She rarely shows signs of being afraid.
She has a love of
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 5 2
Backstory - Chapter 6
Chapter Six – Calm before the Storm
Seeing no need to hide, Dagfari walked beside the cart, as Hale lay resting inside it, still recovering from being attacked by the troll. It was approaching evening, as they finally reached Grimint – however, it could have been Alfgrid all over again, as there was not a soul to be seen in the village, the foul stench of blood reaching their nostrils.
“Have they all been slaughtered?”
Dagfari did not want to answer his friend’s question, because both answers led to bad scenarios – none which Dagfari wanted to allow to enter his mind. The silence was pressing onto their ears, as they strained to hear any signs of life. A faint whimper which would not have been audible in any given street with life came from several barrels just to Dagfari’s right. Walking silently towards them, he noticed the lid of one opening very slightly – showing the Norseman which barrel his target resided in. Walking towards it, focusing o
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 3 0
One Day
You have managed to invade my mind,
Making yourself home within my dreams.
You were stunning, yet you were also kind,
Your hair flowing like the fastest streams.
We were good friends, me and you,
Talking, laughing – we seemed to be without a care.
You always knew what I should do,
You gave the best hugs, tighter than a bear.
There was never the right time to show you how much you meant to me,
There was always that something making it really hard.
If I wanted to look you in the eye, I would have had to knelt down onto one knee,
You were small, skinny and petite whereas I was a big old tub of lard.
We always seemed to be so near, yet so far,
You kept me up at night, you were in my thoughts during the light.
It burned inside me like searing hot tar.
I always feared telling you would cause a big fight.
Always happy and bubbly, never without a smile on your face,
Where I went around with a constant glare and frown.
We never would have survived; I was way out of place,
Kind of what happ
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 4 1
Gift for Azzy
There is a legend of a warrior passed through time and space,
One who is determined to be proud of her race.
With the power of Lightning guiding her through her quest
Until the job is done, she shall not rest.
She has hair like a rainbow, eyes a soothing blend of green and blue,
Her skin a lovely orange hue
Capable of playing a two player game by herself,
Her four arms more useful than cleaning the top shelf.
Able to multi-task, get through work twice as fast,
Able to make a buffet not last
A kind-hearted soul who cares deeply for her loved ones,
She has a weakness for a fresh Hubu bun.
She has more weapons than an armoury,
She has learned many spells under the watchful eye of Rappy.
With swords, rods and a gun too,
We should all be thankful her intentions are true.
Her journey to this point in her life has been incredibly hard,
At times leaving her feeling she had had her heart pierced by a glass shard.
Her friends and family kept her spirits alive,
Giving her reasons to carry on, tha
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 4 2
Mature content
Inner Light :iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 3 0
The Mannequin
I stand glued frozen in place
No real defining features on my face.
Destined to stand rigid and cold,
No meaning to anyone young or old.
People walk pass me, giving barely a glance
To see if I’m wearing the latest thing from France
Vulnerable to any teenage fool.
For their tricks, I am naught but a tool.
You may think I embody perfection,
However, there are problems on closer inspection
I may look like every girl’s dream,
Except for me this is a horror in which I cannot scream
Behind my eyes, there is no soul
Surprising, as my face is as innocent as a foal...
I could be complete one day, torn apart on another
I will go through life without the pleasure of a lover
So do not be so quick to envy me,
Take advice from someone who yearns to be free
To feel this emptiness must be a crime,
As I am stuck here until the end of time
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 3 1
Desktop by Bahamut625 Desktop :iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 2 3
One Shot Story - Hoboman
There is a legend that echoes throughout the generations...that man, woman and child alike both fear, yet respect. His influences and lessons are shunned by many, but help the few they reach. For this little town, there is a superhero who has saved them time and time again, but asks for no praise, no rewards, just that they take the time to listen to not only him, but others around him. He may not be as powerful as Superman, or as agile as Spiderman, or as cunning as Batman. However, there is one thing that he is more than other heroes...and that is his crazy.
You’ve probably encountered him at one point too, ignored what he tried to tell you, shrugging them off as the maddened ramblings of a drunken madman, however, underneath that grizzled, dirty, starving face, is the power to save us all – yet no-one, not even I can never fully comprehend what he is capable of, or how he has saved us before. There are rumours though; there shall forever be rumours, but you can never reall
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 6 17
Mature content
Backstory - Chapter 5 :iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 2 0
One Shot Story - Toao
New Year, New Career
“But, Professor...”
“I don’t want to hear it! You disgraced my class, and what I try and teach! Now, you’ll be fine within the next twenty-four hours – I’ve informed your professors, now scoot!”
The fairy flew off, glowing a faint blue, as Toao walked back towards his office. Having constructed all the cliché things a Mad Scientist is supposed to, he had become bored and unfulfilled. He was starting to plot controlling a small island, before the Mad Scientist Academy contacted him. They were impressed by his history of being mad, and being a scientist, so asked him to teach some classes at MSA - One class as himself, with another two as his feminine side. He was slightly worried at first about the position; however after talking to a few people, he decided it was a good idea after all. On the surface, Toao looked like your everyday Scottish Mad Scientist. Lab Coat, black shirt, kilt, boots and a slight crazed look
:iconbahamut625:Bahamut625 4 9

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Wanderer: Chapter 3
One day passed, and what would otherwise be a quiet afternoon in a certain universe’s version of Brooksville, Florida was being ruined by severe weather. The Tyler twins lived on a dirt road in the outskirts. Theirs was the first neighborhood one could see if one entered town from the north. It was going to be a messy commute for any of their neighbors, if and when they got released from work.
The meteorologist on Sarah and Erica’s TV took on a blurred, snowy appearance, but his words were coming in clear. “The Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for all of Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, and Polk Counties. All residents are strongly encouraged to stay indoors and…”
“Typical bay area weather,” Sarah groaned, burying her face into her palm. “At least it’s not a hurricane.”
“Yeah…” added her sister Erica, “But for all we know, Dodge could still be out there.”
“…Well, it sucks to be her, then.
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Wanderer: Chapter 2
She basks in the subdued moonlight of sadness
Her trust in people shaken, she lives in madness
But the wanderer will never know the full extent of her power
As long as she clings desperately to lost hours
The wanderer is so named because she goes against the grain of fate
She will go beyond the edge of the universe to drown her hate
Like all others with shaken faith, her spirit can be restored
And when that happens, she will need not wander anymore

“That’s beautiful, Hakon. Did you write that?” Rappy Winters was seated in the living room again, using the television and a magical antenna to contact Hakon, Azalea’s biological father, who was on the space station Athena at the time.
Hakon nodded and spoke in English. His voice still exhibited remnants of a Tradu accent when he spoke English, but Rappy could tell that it was drifting closer to an American one every day. “From where think you your apprentice got her talent?” he said with a grin.
:iconazaleacloud:AzaleaCloud 11 4
Wanderer: Chapter 1
At any single point in time, any number of events can take place within a certain threshold of probability. For each different path a single particle can take, there are a countless number of timelines wherein which the particle took that path, and a countless number of timelines wherein which that particle didn’t take that path. Such is the basis of alternate universe theory.
Whether the number of alternate universes in existence are literally countless is still uncertain, but it is known that in one of these alternate realities, the entire human genome played the role of the wayward particle and took an erratic path right into the blender. In this universe, sometime around the beginning of the American baby boom, babies began exhibiting strange mutations. Most of these mutations were minor things like unnatural hair and eye colors, or tails. Others, like so-called “superpowers” and functioning extra body parts, were a lot more striking. The sudden appearance o
:iconazaleacloud:AzaleaCloud 15 6
Wanderer: Prologue
Many months passed since Azalea Cloud discovered the origin of herself and of her species. On a glorious autumn evening, at sunset, she reclined face-up on her bed, lost in thought. Rappy Winters, her mentor in the magics, had one of her extra bedrooms furnished and decorated to the Shivite’s liking, and she was allowed to stay there, so long as she continued her training and contributed to the household chores. With no money left to her name and no means to make more, save for the occasional odd job, she was grateful for Rappy’s hospitality.
Azzy had unlocked a surprising amount of hidden magical talent since becoming Rappy’s apprentice. She knew now that her fortes in spellcasting lie in divine protection and elemental manipulation. Rappy had also granted her a sword called the Rainbow Angel, which sported little putti wings and had a blade colored like the Shivite’s hair. In addition to being a formidable melee weapon, the Angel proved to be a powerful magical im
:iconazaleacloud:AzaleaCloud 26 2
Gaming Goddess by AzaleaCloud Gaming Goddess :iconazaleacloud:AzaleaCloud 53 28



So many personas, so little time
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Some guys and gals may remember when I ranted about my old TF2 Clan, with the whole experience leaving a rather sour taste in my mouth putting me off the game for a while. Well, today I got an External Hard Drive ((320 GB, eight times the size of my laptop's Hard Drive >.>)), and am now currently downloading Steam and TF2 once more, as I have gotten the bug for it, and I genuinely do miss the game.

So, let's see how long this love affair lasts, shall we?

Also, got my pre-order in for Left 4 Dead 2 - Only a month to go!


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