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Pokemon Memory Meme

This is a SUPER SERIOUS psychological experiment. How well can you draw Pokemon from memory?

Post your results and thoughts in the comments section! I'm gonna put together a convenient "answers" sheet with reference images of all the Pokemon on this list, but as of now, I've spent enough time distracted from my studies.
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I did this meme, and it turned out Dead Sexy...
I even colored.
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Awesome meme - here's my interpretation [link]
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Hey Mars. Haven't played/watched/done much pokemon lately but I did start drawing some of the first gen cuties. I think I did okay considering.

(I would've knocked over Meowth and Farfetch'd, I swear!)
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wow oh man what timing!
I've been looping Cynthia's battle theme and thinking of how to draw her and wondering if I should have a go at Pokemon Platinum :D

Generation 1 is still the best by far but they don't have Cynthia >_>
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I did it. Bring a sick bag.

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Quite interesting :D I may have to do this sometime~
i-am-jacques-strappe's avatar

I cannot stop laughing at Magmar
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I think I would have more trouble drawing them properly than remembering properly :lol:
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Oh man, I need to do this.
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omfg I am so doing this! 8D
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