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Elegant Brit 3.4

Elegant Brit with some fixes for Gnome 3.4. This is different to the Elegant Blackle theme as I edited the existing theme as opposed to starting from scratch. However, credit where it is due, I did use some css from Elegant Blackle to fix the Brit. A team effort I like to think of it. I've spent a bit of time tidying up the bouncing buttons as well.

Old Elegant Brit Gnome3 with a bunch of other really useful links [link]

Elegant Blackle [link]

Original Elegant Brit Theme [link]

edit: 09/08/12 Stole more css from Blackles infinitely superior scroll bars

edit: 11/08/12 Window resize grabbers are impossible to theme in gtk3. Well done for hardcoding that rubbish corner graphic chaps. So I did it badly.

edit: 1/9/12 Added the gimp ruler fix as suggested in the comments

edit: 13/9/12 Added sanitized .css files supplied by fopref and removed gtk-2.0-testing folder. There is still some minor button bouncing that I can't quite suss out. It's something to do with disabled buttons becoming enabled and then highlighted.
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I don't know why, but I'm getting a white line between the title bar and the menu bar in every window. The strange thing is that it is happening with Elegant Brit 3.4, but also with Elegant Brackle and Elegant Brit. Any ideas why it may be?
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If I remember correctly you need to make the window title text smaller, You can do that in Gnome Tweak Tool, Set it to 9
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Thanks for all your hard work.I love this theme and the white on white when using edit,view,etc in the file manager was driving me crazy.I was about to set to editing the css myself but you probably did a better job than I would have done so Cheers.
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I updated from your work to 3.6 for the gtk3 portion. Feel free to integrate it into your main. I'll go ahead and take mine down if you do. [link]
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YES! I was dreading having to come back to this. I was going to start it properly today and you've saved me a job. Love the grip. I can't wait to see how you did this. I am going to fold it in and start a specific 3.6 page in the next couple of weeks but please don't feel like you need to take yours down. Elegent Brit is like a poem of open source, the contribution relay and the story is what I love about it, thats why I put in all the links. I'm just happy I could be a part of it. It's a microcosm of the spirit of Free Software.

Free as in Beauty
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I'm pretty sure I just had to "background-color: transparent;" it. Things change so quickly across versions, so it's probably just a 3.6 feature.

I'm with you though, I really like the grip. I use an inverted one as my activities button in my Shell theme, with a matching ripple. It's here: [link] ... just a minor edit though, so not worth publishing.
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Aaahhh, the bouncing buttons are gone! Thank you so much! *bows down*
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Be warned, there are still some in very special cases, but yes, nearly all of them.
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Thank you very much for your work, it is very much appreciated.

1. The CSS files still give tons of warnings on application startup as sometimes units are missing. I corrected this, see these files:

2. I think you should exclude folder gtk2.0-tested from the distribution.

3. Left of every main menu entry there is an annoying white dot. Do you know about it or how to get rid of it? I use GTK+ 3.4.4
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done, done and .... er, I'm not seeing it, sorry. Maybe it's a font size issue
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thx for the work
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you forgot the gimp fixe : [link]
add this to the gtkrc(in the gtk2 file) :
#Gimp fix
widget "*GimpRuler" style "ruler"

thanks anyway, very good work
This is fantastic. One question - if I wanted to get rid of the white borders, where would I find it in the CSS?
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I'm not sure which white borders you are referring to. what are the white borders bordering?
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