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VF-2SS Valkyrie II SAP



VF-2SS Valkyrie II SAP

Technical Data

Equipment Type: main variable space fighter
Government: U.N. Spacy
Introduction: 2081
Operational Deployment: 2082
Accommodation: pilot only
Dimensions: unknown.
Mass: empty mass unknown
Power Plant: two thermonuclear reaction engines.
Propulsion: thrust unknown; 2 x rear dorsal thruster pods (mount rear in Battroid mode); many x vernier thrusters.
Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; variable geometry sweep (VG) wing; ventral vertical stabilizer; vertical Take-off and landing (VTOL); two-dimensional thrust vectoring; retractable three-piece canopy cover (for Battroid mode); special hard point stations for external SAP (Super Armed Pack) system.
- Armament -
# Guns: 2 x semi-fixed anti-aircraft laser cannons (mounted center ventral section in Fighter/GERWALK mode, becomes head turret in Battroid mode)
Bombs & Missiles:
# 54 x cluster/mini-missiles in Super Armed Packs (30 mounted in five launchers per ventral/lower arm unit and 24 mounted in four launchers per engine/lower leg unit)
# 6 x long-range missiles in SAP missile launcher shields (6 mounted in six paired launchers, one per each missile launcher shield mounted right, left and upon the center dorsal section of the dorsal SAP unit)
Additional Armament (Super Armed Pack):
# 1 x large beam cannon (mounted on right forward section of dorsal SAP unit in Fighter/GERWALK mode, mounted rear in Battroid mode with swivel mount to aim forward).
# 1 x medium-sized rail gun (stored inside left lower arm SAP unit, removed via forward door).
Additional Equipment (Super Armed Pack):
# 1 x large antenna and white communications pod (antenna mounted on the left side of the center forward boom; white pod mounted left of forward boom)

Description and History

The Super Armor Pack (SAP) system is an indispensable addition to the standard VF-2SS variable fighter providing the Valkyrie II with far more firepower and additional thrusters for both speed and maneuverability in space. Introduced in 2081 for the VF-2SS fighter, the SAP system was first deployed in combat in 2082 during a Zentradi invasion. Most Zentradi warships serving in the UN Spacy have since been converted with launching arms to deploy the VF-2SS Valkyrie II. Despite the fact that the SAP system can only be deployed in space, it is an integral part of the VF-2SS variable fighter and the Valkyrie II is rarely deployed without the SAP.

The most significant addition to a VF-2SS variable fighter armed with the SAP is the additional armament. Mounted right, left and upon the center dorsal section are three missile launchers each armed with two long-range missiles launched from retractable bay doors. The SAP system also includes a large beam cannon mounted on the right side of the dorsal section which can be utilized in Battroid mode by rotating the SAP system 90 degrees to face forward. In Battroid mode the SAP system rests atop the torso and a drop-down plate shields the head unit. The beam cannon primary firing mode is complemented with a secondary charged mode for increased power. A large rear facing antennae is mounted on the left side of the center forward boom and a white communications pod is mounted upon the left dorsal side of the SAP. In addition to the main central Super Armed Pack, the SAP system also adds two center ventral/lower arm packs and two rear engine/lower leg packs to the VF-2SS fighter. Each arm unit holds five missile launchers with three mini/cluster missiles each (15 missiles per unit total) as well as a storage bay to accommodate a medium-sized rail gun. The leg units house four missile launchers with three mini/cluster missiles each (12 missiles per unit total) allowing a fully armed VF-2SS with SAP system to carry six long-range missiles and fifty-four mini/cluster missiles. Lastly, the SAP system allows the VF-2SS variable fighter to utilize Auto-Attack Bits, small, armed drones that accompany the VF-2SS. Up to five AAB units shadow the VF-2SS (they cannot attack independently) and utilize two laser cannons each (with a sensor eye). The AAB units can also be sacrificed to intercept incoming fire upon the VF-2SS Valkyrie.

Captain Nexx pilots a slightly modified VF-2SS Valkyrie II SAP with a heavy rail gun mounted upon the right side lower leg pack. The special mount carries the gun pod in all modes but lacks the four leg mounted missiles launchers. The SAP system granted the VF-2SS Valkyrie II the ability to engage in extended battle at any range and possessed formidable weaponry to successfully attack other enemy mecha and even pose a threat to large war ships. The VF-2SS and SAP system was very successful in combat and even thought the UN Spacy forces were overwhelmed by the Mardook military, the Valkyrie II performed admirably.
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Ahhh! Here's my baby! SOooooo happy you did this one too... ^_^
Oh yeah, the auto attack bits, in my RPG they were replaced at the time with Ghost drones... meh!

I don't suppose you'd do a version of this with the blue camoe like you did for "Wolf"?
My preffered color scheme was blue, but after seeing Wolf's killer ride I'm afraid I'll have to ask for a "Me too" deal :/ That and a weapons loadout layout. Inclusive Auto bits please ^_^

Well I guy can dream can't he? And after the day I've had, this was JOY incarnate seeing, so thank you.