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Lockheed FA-90 sabercat

By bagera3005
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General characteristics

   Crew: 1
   Length: 50 ft 5 in (15.06 m)
   Wingspan: 36 ft 8 in (9.96 m)
   Height: 17 ft (4.88 m)
   Wing area: 300 ft² (27.87 m²)
   Airfoil: NACA 64A204 root and tip
   Empty weight: 18,900 lb (8,570 kg)
   Loaded weight: 26,500 lb (12,000 kg)
   Max. takeoff weight: 42,300 lb (19,200 kg)
   Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney F135 afterburning turbofan
       Dry thrust: 28,000 lbf[492][N 9] (125 kN)
       Thrust with afterburner: 43,000 lbf[492][493] (191 kN)
   Internal fuel capacity: 18,480 lb (8,382 kg)[N 10]

   Maximum speed: Mach 1.6+[252] (1,200 mph, 1,930 km/h) (tested to Mach 1.61)[363]
   Range: 1,200 nmi (2,220 km)on internal fuel
   Combat radius: 584 nmi[494] (1,080 km)on internal fuel[495]
   Service ceiling: 60,000 ft[496] (18,288 m) (tested to 43,000 ft)[497]
   Rate of climb: classified (not publicly available)
   Wing loading: 107.7 lb/ft² (526 kg/m²; 745 kg/m² max loaded)
   Thrust/weight: **With full fuel: 0.87
       With 50% fuel: 1.07
   Max g-limits: 9 g[N 11]


   Guns: 1 × General Dynamics GAU-22/A Equalizer 25 mm (0.984 in) 4-barreled Gatling cannon, internally mounted with 180 rounds[N 12][252]
   Hardpoints: 6 × external pylons on wings with a capacity of 15,000 lb (6,800 kg)[248][252] and two internal bays with two pylons each[248] for a total weapons payload of 18,000 lb (8,100 kg)[233] and provisions to carry combinations of:
       Missiles: *** Air-to-air missiles:
               AIM-120 AMRAAM
               AIM-9X Sidewinder
               MBDA Meteor (pending further funding)[259]
           Air-to-surface missiles:
               AGM-88 AARGM[498]
               AGM-158 JASSM[249]
               Brimstone missile / MBDA SPEAR[499]
               Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM)
               Storm Shadow missile
           Anti-ship missiles:
               Joint Strike Missile (JSM)
               Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) [500]
       Bombs: *** Mark 84 or Mark 83 or Mark 82 GP bombs
           Mk.20 Rockeye II cluster bomb
           Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD) capable
           Paveway series laser-guided bombs
           Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)
           Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) series
           AGM-154 JSOW
           B61 mod 12 nuclear bomb[501]


   Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems AN/APG-81 AESA radar
   Lockheed Martin AAQ-40 E/O Targeting System (EOTS)
   Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems AN/AAQ-37 Distributed Aperture System (DAS) missile warning system
   BAE Systems AN/ASQ-239 (Barracuda) electronic warfare system
   Harris Corporation Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL) communication system
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Would have expected this to be an aircraft from Northrop Grumman given that they created the: Wildcat, Hellcat, Tigercat, Bearcat, and Tomcat; but given that its a F-16 Fighting Falcon variant, it sort of makes sense.
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PREY3RProfessional Digital Artist
I love this aircraft. Like, everything from it. Cheers
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awharyoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i think i can make the craft of this one
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If only my homeland of Israel had these
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Cobalt-WingStudent General Artist
An IAF fighter, a modified f-16, with thrust vectoring? Fascinating! But I dislike the fact it lacks a rudder...
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bagera3005Professional Interface Designer
it dos just not stranded one
Cobalt-Wing's avatar
Cobalt-WingStudent General Artist
What do you mean by that?
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bagera3005Professional Interface Designer
look at yf-23
Cobalt-Wing's avatar
Cobalt-WingStudent General Artist
Oh, like the rudders on the f-117?
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bagera3005Professional Interface Designer
Cobalt-Wing's avatar
Cobalt-WingStudent General Artist
I dont know... The rudders look at too small an angle to function as one...
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I like the IDF livery. They and the Brits always have some interesting camo patterns. Well done!
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AfterskiesHobbyist Interface Designer
This one might look better with a Divertless Supersonc Inlet.
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bagera3005Professional Interface Designer
will try it later
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Wicked new addition!! Great work, was this a commission or just for giggles?
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bagera3005Professional Interface Designer
just to clear my dry spell
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I had to take a break from my aircraft designs and dabble in some other stuff. I don't know how you do it, getting your' work so accurately depicted, I have a bear of a time getting forward and side views of a lot of different aircraft. I've a twin boom jet fighter and a flying wing fighter waiting for completion. I also want to do a next generation observation/light attack float plane loosely based upon one I designed an age ago; But the original is hardly worth posting. I just posted some sci-fi lasers. I'm considering posting the corvette/frigate I designed with a lil help from shipbucket.
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bagera3005Professional Interface Designer
don't ask ship-bucket. there a bunch of stick in mud's
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lol I didn't mean literally asking them for help, just borrowing ideas and in some cases ship parts. :p
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This is pretty cool! It's like the F-16 of the future; I don't consider the F-35 the F-16 of the future. The only changes I would make are to stretch out the air intake and have the nose gear under it because in all real world fighter jets you see, you never see a nose gear in front of the air intake; it is either under neath the air intake or in front and in the middle of fighter jets that have two separate air intakes. Also, if you look at fighters, the rudder for yaw is in front of the the elevators that give the plane pitch; the only fighters that I know that have a big rudder are delta wing planes because they don't have any elevators. They either have canards or no canards. And last, I would make the engine nozzle more regular sized like an F-22 instead of flattened out.

Other then that, great job! The overall design looks like something I would fly. Please don't think I am being too harsh; I like designs that look futuristic and feasible. Designs that look like they can fly.
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very slick. Very stealthy and deadly. :)
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I like that one. She looks stealthy, but commodious, to carry lots of weapons and/or fuel.
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Looks like a fattened stealth F-16
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Zhanrae30Hobbyist General Artist
That's a pretty nice concept. Is the design yours?
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