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Chengdu J-25 stealth Dragon

J-XX[1] (or J-X[1][2] or XXJ[1]) is a name applied by Western intelligence sources to describe a programme or programmes by the People's Republic of China to develop one or more new fourth- or fifth-generation fighter aircraft. In 2002, Jane's Defence Weekly reported that Shenyang Aircraft Corporation had been selected to head research and development of the new fighter,[2] a claim repeated in New Scientist the same week.[3] However, a 2006 article in Military Technology referred to three designs; two by Shenyang and one by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation[1].

According to the report from Jane's, development of the subsystems, including the engine and weapon suite for the next generation fighter, has been under way for some time. A photograph of a wind tunnel model published with the article showed a twin-engine aircraft with twin tails. The article text mentioned that the aircraft would carry its weapons internally like the F-22 Raptor, and New Scientist called attention to the angular, faceted features of the design, comparing them to the F-117 Nighthawk. Jane's also linked the programme with China's development of an engine with thrust vectoring capability.

The later report in Military Technology featured a picture of a completely different design, speculatively dubbed J-14 and said to be a Shenyang project, with the designations J-12 and J-13 being applied to (possibly competing) designs by Shenyang and Chengdu respectively.
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What are those two circles on the bottom? I remember seeing a proposed design for the J-XX that resembled a hybrid between the MiG-1.44 and the YF-23. It had a V-tail, delta wings, canards and an underswept intake.
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there is few types an ther for vtol
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Considering that "old" stealth material has already been released into the open market place(an un-recovered/destroyed F-117 shot down by an really old missile). This is from an aircraft designed in the 70's and now retired(given it was truely first generation, now superseded by a third generation craft) means that China has along way to go till they get even close to the F-22. Good base design though. Funny thing is that all this stealth stuff is from an old Russian scientist's work on electromagnetic waves they(The Russians) had it in their own backyard and flushed down the toilet as if it were so much toilet paper.
On the other hand, we don't know half the time what our hand is doing from the other and never know when to pull out when its shit in a sling aimed right at us....
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hehe, i saw this and i thought "Awwww.. how cute.. the Chinese want to make there own little F22-Rapter.... and they failed.." :B
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Amazing! It's look like a modified Su-37 Terminator combined by F-22 Raptor! Looks like the Chinese can "pimp his ride"!