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Batmobile batman movie 1989 by bagera3005 Batmobile batman movie 1989 by bagera3005
The Batmobile is the fictional personal automobile of comic book superhero Batman. The version featured in the films Batman and Batman Returns takes a dark appearance to match with director and producer Tim Burton's portrayal of Gotham City.

Design and features

The Batmobile that roamed the streets of this Art Deco city reflected its environment.[1] It was huge, long, low and sleek. It combined design elements from 1930s coupes like the Bugatti Type 57 and modern racing cars such as the Porsche 962[citation needed] and was built on a Chevy Impala chassis.

Gadgetry included twin retractable machine guns, and small bombs ejected from the wheels. To prevent tampering, the Tim Burton Batmobile featured an armored "cocoon" mode, a hard layered shell that would cover every inch of the vehicle, including the wheels. Reputedly, every gadget seen on the Batmobile used in these films was fully functional, including the jet engine, which consumed fuel at such a high rate that there was only enough fuel capacity to run it for the approximately fifteen seconds of the longest shot in which you can see it operating.

[edit] Role in Batman

We first see the Batmobile when Batman comes to rescue Vicki Vale from the Joker and his henchmen outside of the Gotham Museum of Art. The two then escape in the Batmobile and Batman drives them to the Batcave, where he then gives the secret of the Joker's chemical combinations to Vicki.

The Batmobile's next appearance is when Batman sends the car into Axis Chemicals on autodrive, and has it drop explosives inside, destroying the factory.

[edit] Role in Batman Returns

In Batman Returns, the Batmobile also had a secondary mode referred to as the "Batmissile", where the wheels would retract inward and the sides of the vehicle would break off, converting the car into a thin bullet train-like form capable of squeezing through tight alleyways. This comes after Batman is framed by the Penguin and Catwoman for kidnapping and murder. In the process, Batman finds himself trapped in the Batmobile under Penguin's control.

[edit] Fictional technical specifications

* Length: 260.7 in
* Width: 94.4 in
* Height: 51.2 in
* Acceleration: 0-60 in 3.7 seconds
* Maximum Speed: 530 km/h with booster
* Engine: Jet Turbine[2]
* Fuel: High octane; 97% special (gasoline paraffin mixture)
* Torque: 1750 lbf.ft at 98.7% ROS
* Wheelbase: 141.0 in
* Wheels: Cast alloy, 15 x 6.5
* Tires: High aspect L60-15

For quick maneuvers, this Batmobile had side-mounted grappling hook launchers and a central "foot" capable of lifting the car and rotating it 180°.

[edit] Gadgetry

* Spherical bombs
* Afterburner[3] in the back
* Two Browning machine guns hidden behind flaps in each fender
* Grappling hook - Once hooked on a structure, it serves as an anchor to allow the batmobile to make an extremely sharp turn at high speed that its pursuers typically cannot duplicate.
* Superhydraulics for course changes
* Batdisc Ejector (side-mounted) - Could fire precisely 15 Batdiscs in the 1-second pulse.
* Chassis-mounted shinbreakers
* Oil slick dispensers
* Smoke emitters

Inside, the two-seat cockpit[4] featured aircraft-like instrumentation, a passengers' side monitor, self-diagnostics system, CD recorder, and voice-command recognition system.

[edit] Cocoon

The Batmobile's "cocoon"[5] is made up of ceramic fractal armor panels[6][7][8]. They explode outward when struck by projectiles, deflecting injurious force away from the car and its occupants.

If Batman has to exit the Batmobile for an extended period of time, he can, through a voice command[9] (specifically, the phrase "Shields")[10], activate the Batmobile's cocoon system. This prevents people from tampering with the car while it is left unattended.

Bulletproof and fireproof steel plates envelop the body and cockpit entirely. While this armor is in place, the vehicle cannot be driven.

[edit] Role in Batman

The cocoon[11][12] in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film was not a fully functioning shield. In reality, a life-size model was built and the cocoon animation was provided by stop motion technology.

[edit] Role in Batman Returns

The cocoon[13] seen in Tim Burton's second Batman film, Batman Returns (1992), had the same characteristics as the previous one. However, the design was slimmer and the special effects were provided by computer-generated imagery.

[edit] On display
A Batmobile replica on display at Six Flags Great America, in front of Batman: The Ride.

* Replicas of the Tim Burton-era Batmobiles are on display in front of several Batman: The Ride roller coasters.

* Historic auto attractions in Roscoe, IL displays a replica Batmobile from Batman Returns as well as the "Bat Rocket" in addition to the Batmobile from the 1960s television series.
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LeDorean Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Of all the Batmobile designs, this is my favorite one.
Sensthepunmistress Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Nicely done design I say. :]
Shadowhawk27 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Actually Tim Burton's Batmobile last appearance was in several Onstar Batman commercials. Here's the [link]
TheNeonSalmon Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
To be fair,wasn't that car featured in the film "Looney Toons:back in action?"

Not sure but I do know that batmobile from the Burton films was featured in "Lois & Clark:the new adventures of Superman."
AraghenXD Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009  Student Digital Artist
That IS the movie batmobile!
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Aznbain Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
This Batmobile is the best so far. The first Batman movies with Michael Keaton in my book are still the best. They have done better with the past two movies, but Tim Burton did a great job on the first two. And the crawler is more for flash to match the want of most movie goers. Now that the crawler has been destroyed they should bring this Batmobile back out of the moth balls and back into the movies.
Spuderific Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
Now that is the BATMOBILE
bagera3005 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
i like tumbler more
Spuderific Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009
To each their own. This designs more Car-like.
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