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This is the Official Tracker base for all SEC Griffians. You are welcome to alter the look of it, and how much personal information you want to add. The comment section part of it is NOT optional, and needs to be made. You do not have to add everything at once, and you can add things as you enter them! If you want the code for this specific look, you can find it here .

Go Here if you want the code to this look in your own journal!


HP:00 | ATK:00 | SPD:00 | STH:00 | DEF:00 | EXP:00 | LVL:00

Species/subtype Floop| Floophorse
Beano Mutation/Status: None | None

City of origin:



Add any art showing all the griffians official forms



All comments added in the journal can be linked above under the correct title in the ARPG section!

There should be 2 main comments in the journal, each has a number. Some of these comments have Sub comments added to them which is shown with a Letter.  (seperated by blockquote code to make it easier to see)


Replies here will be art done of Missions

2. LOG

Replies here will contain all logging comments
1A. GAMESReplies here will contain participation comments

1B. REGISTRATIONSReplies here will contain registrations, item usage and pet comments

You do not have to add comments in this exact order, or make them under eachother! You just need to make sure you have all the active comments to reply art to /log comments to. But please keep them all in the same tracker
TumbleBlunder Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Oh heck I just realized
Are SECs going to get beanostatuses? Are they going to be allowed to use form items like skull/aura/swirl beans? :0
Pickleweasel360 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nope, they don't have statuses and cant use form items, you can see who is able to use an item under the item.

For example:

Swirl Bean says:
Griffians who can use this item
Main and Semi-Main Griffians

Star Bean says:
Griffians who can use this item
DOM and SEC Griffians
Ahh okay. I guess I was confused because there's a section for Beano Mutation/Status and official forms, but SECs can't have either.
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March 16, 2018


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