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This is the Official Tracker base for You the Artist. You are welcome to alter the look of it, and how much personal information you want to add. The comment section part of it is NOT optional, and needs to be made. You do not have to add everything at once, and you can add things as you enter them! If you want the code for this specific look, you can find it here .

Go Here if you want the code to this look in your own journal!

Here is a current Artist tracker in use! Please be sure to follow the comments in this journal! since the in use one needs to be updated!
griffsnuff -Griffia - Artist - TrackerThis tracker is to keep track of all my activity as a member of Griffia please do not comment on this journal! Feel free to do this yourself >u</

griffsnuff | griff | snuffen | Tina | Unkle
Age: Ancient
Fuel: Caffine, Hotdogs, Cauliflower, ACV, Lemon and ginger!
Occupation: Eye-arm coordination person
Personality: Just do the thing!
I like to design things! :dummy:


Favourite part og Griffia: Peads and Banuh's!

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Geo-Dragon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2018  Student General Artist
Can we just... start adding our replies to our comments from the time after we make the journal? I feel too overwhelmed to even make this because I'm worried about having to go back and dig for over a year of old game comments and transfers OTL
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