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Occupation Trial

Tue Sep 19, 2017, 11:02 PM by darkmoondancer:icondarkmoondancer:
Completing this Trial will allow your Griffolk to join a Guild! (More information on Guilds will come out as we get closer to releasing Questing!)

Rules of this Trial

Your Griffolk has to have a Portal Pass in order to begin this trial. Any Portal Pass is fine!
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffYou need to own an official Griffolk before you can do this Trial!
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffIf you choose to do visual art: art has to be fullbody/colored with a background that has depth.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffIf you choose to write: each step must be posted as literature to DA and be at least 700 words in length. You can also choose to combine the steps into one submission, as long as the requirements for each step are fulfilled in your story. The total word count would need to be a minimum of 700 times the number of steps.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffTitle your entries with the name of each step.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuff When completing this activity your Griffolk must be in Griffolk, Companion, or Human Form - if you have shapeshifter forms. You must have the form unlocked to use it in Activities.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffCompanions may be mandatory, so read carefully!
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffAdd your entries to this folder: Trials Folder
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffWhen you are done, link your image/literature to the correct comment chain in the Global ACTIVITIES APPROVALS

Diploma - Occupation by BankOfGriffia

This Trial has been updated! The new steps are below, and the previous version is below that. The old version will be accepted until August 31, 2018. The new version is valid immediately.

Step 1 - On the Job

Depict your Griffolk in their chosen occupation. What problems might occur? What’s a typical day like? Are they the boss, or a lowly peon? Do they love it or hate it? Their occupation is entirely your choice.

Step 1 - Occupational Hazard

Art: Depict your Griffolk doing their chosen occupation and how they deal with problems that might occur. (Your Griffolk's occupation is entirely your choice, however there is a short list of occupations that you cannot choose, listed below.)

    The following occupations are Off-Limits!
    Green pixel bean by griffsnuff Tamer (This is a magic skill!)
    Green pixel bean by griffsnuff Farmer of a species (Only Indigenous Bagbeans can farm species)
    Green pixel bean by griffsnuff Magician (Magic is only obtainable by doing Magic Trials + Magic Training)

Your Griffian can alternatively choose to work under one of the NPC's. Below you will find a short list of examples of some basic jobs.

NPC Bagbean - Market/Farming Bagbean by griffsnuffThis is Agnes. She might assign work that includes farming, food, flora and market-related jobs.
NPC Bagbean - Science bean with anatomychart by griffsnuffThis is Bert. He might assign work that includes science, history, or math-related jobs. In fact, education of any sort!
NPC Bagbean - German shepherd triplets by griffsnuffThese are the Cop Beans; Jenny, Mikael and Sam. They might assign work that includes various community services and tasks.
MYO #1 Bagbean - Magpie chicken by griffsnuffThis is Meme. He might assign work that includes writing, researching, interviewing or general fact-checking.
NPC Bagbean - Patch by griffsnuffThis is Patch. She might assign work that includes art, creative problem-solving or fashion of all sorts (from clothing to interior design).
NPC Indigenous bagbean - Pead Peadrick Peadersen by griffsnuffThis is Pead Peadrick Peadersen. He might assign work that includes caring for, finding, feeding, scolding, and all other Pead-related jobs.
NPC Bagbean - Queen Bean by griffsnuffThis is Queen Pisum. She might assign work that includes more common tasks like cleaning or helping, but might also hand out important diplomatic jobs!
NPC Bagbean - Quest by griffsnuffThis is Quest. He might assign work that includes collecting, mining, hunting, gathering or exploring.

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Chronopod - Sead by BankOfGriffia I will help you chose your occupation! 
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Plush-Bean Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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