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Magic Familiar Session

Sun Dec 24, 2017, 9:57 AM by jitsumi1221:iconjitsumi1221:
Completion of this Session will gain you a Magic Familiar!

Npc Bagbean - Wizard bean by griffsnuff This is Fabian. He is here to instruct you in the ways of hatching a Magic Familiar.
Disclaimer! Certain Beanotypes allow you to attain more than one Magic Familiar. In the case of this, you must complete this session 1 time PER Magic Familiar you can earn. The default is 1 Magic Familiar per Griffolk.

Please check HERE for rules when using your Magic Familiar.

Rules of this Session

You must have a Magic-Ready Scroll in order to start this session
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffYou need to own an Official Griffolk before you can do this Session!
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffArt has to be fullbody/colored with a background that has depth. (see Rules on Point Farming for more details!!)
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffTitle your entries with the name of each step.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffOther characters may be mandatory, so read carefully!
Green pixel bean by griffsnuff Pea and Peanut are not usable in University Sessions.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuff When completing this activity your Griffolk must be in Griffolk, Companion, or Human Form - if you have shapeshifter forms. You must have the form unlocked to use it in Activities.
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffAdd your entries to this folder: Classes and Sessions 
Green pixel bean by griffsnuffWhen you are done, link all images to the correct comment chain in the Global ACTIVITIES APPROVALS

Your very own Magic Familiar! (It will be 1 from the below Familiars). that will randomly rolled by the Mod approving this Session!

Magic Familiar - Questa by BankOfGriffia
Additional success against bosses in Questing 10%, +1 Mana per image for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Magika by BankOfGriffia
Double Mana counting for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Duo by BankOfGriffia
Receives duplicates of items earned (excludes love items), +1 Mana per image for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Mundane by BankOfGriffia
(does nothing) BAD LUCK, +1 Mana per image for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Nutnut by BankOfGriffia
Doubles Peas/Peanut count, +1 Mana per image for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Magus by BankOfGriffia
+5 Mana per image for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Lucky by BankOfGriffia
You will always win a prize in art events, +1 Mana per image for Magic Training.
Magic Familiar - Beanie by BankOfGriffia
+5 GC every time your Griffolk joins art-based activities, +1 Mana per image for Magic Training.

Magic Diploma and Magic-Ready Scroll gripped tightly in hand, you make your way slowly through an unfamiliar part of the University. You had been told that in order to fully realize your Magic - you need to attend a session on Magic Familiars. With a Familiar to assist you in your Magic Training, it would open up things you had never had access to before! Endless possibilities await - if only, you could find the classroom.

You pass a nondescript doorway with a wooden threshold; the only thing of note is the odd heat emanating from the room. Backtracking, you peek your head in the doorway to reveal Fabian standing in a dimly lit room full of shimmering oblong... eggs? Hundreds of identical eggs lay on shelves and tables lining the walls, even a few crates stashed below the tables are stacked almost to overfilling. If Magic Familiars are so special, whats to stop you from just taking a handful?

Step 1 - "There Can Be Only One"

Art: Upon entering the room, Fabian waves you over and tells you to circle the room slowly - why is he being so cryptic? Wandering the room, you begin to hear faint whispering, beckoning you closer. You come to a stack of eggs that the sound appears to be coming from, and touching each of them, are surprised when one is very hot to the touch. The whispering increases and glowing transparent tendrils of light  begin to emanate from the shell; a strong sense of "THIS is mine" bonding you to the egg. Depict your Griffolk holding the egg that had called to them. Do they look surprised, enchanted, horrified?

Step 2 - "Bond, Nest Bond "

Art: Fabian instructs you to take the egg home and incubate it. He mentions that you will need to nestle your magic charm with the egg so that it will familiarize itself with your magical essence. Depict your Griffolk building a nest for the egg, make sure to include the magic charm you chose!

Step 3 - "Parent Trap"

Art: It has been a few days and while walking by your nest you notice that fine lines have begun to appear on your Egg. Brilliant light shoots out from the inside as more and more bits of shell are falling off. Fabian had given you instructions to return when the egg started to hatch; seeing this bizarre form of hatching has certainly explained why he thought you would need help. Depict your Griffolk bringing the egg to Fabian. Fabian must be included in this step, drawn fullbody!

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Haccoon Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
the university link is broken! 
equinnoxious Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you mercy~ <3
Haccoon Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
MiniDragonfly Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope, when I get my dream bean, that I can get a Mundane.:D  Why?  I dunno, I just want the Mundane. :shrug:
Slothie-Studios Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Student Artisan Crafter
Yay ive been working towards this so im so excited to see it open. I have only a few more trials to go!
Neon-and-on Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If only my bean was magic ready+!!
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