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Nominations and Art ideas
This section is all about nominating other members, nominating charities we can support, Griffian Theme ideas and/or items you think would be interesting! Go bananas with ideas/suggestions!! :la:


Formerly named complaints and concerns, this section is now specified to better the group and ARPG. If you are making claims, you need to provide the proof of your claims. It is also mandatory to add a suggested fix to anything you bring to this comment and what it might affect/break in the ARPG. Proof can be full screenshots or links to comments/areas to back up your claims. This is important so that we can address issues faster, and be more objective. If you are disgruntled with the group or have serious issues, please take it to HR. This also counts if your claim is calling someone else out.


Broken content
This section is about content you find that is missing, broken, outdated or you feel should be updated in the groups/banks and weebly! Please include a link to were you have found the broken content, and suggestions of fixes/improvements!



:eager: Guest Artist & Rebasers
From our Mission statement: "Being a guest designer is a privilege that gets offered to people that the creators feel comfortable with. It has nothing to do with being a mod, but it does require a certain level of familiarity and trust." Griffsnuff will contact artists to whom she wants to offer guest artist and rebaser positions to. This can be temporary or permanent. These positions are never open for application or suggestions. It will be a choice made only by the creators.

If one of the guest artists has made a decision to not do business with a member or mod, that is something outside the control of the group. Guest artists have full control over who they feel comfortable doing business with and what payment they want to take and when they take it. If you have any questions or uncertainty about a decision a GA has made, please don’t hesitate to ask them for clarification. HR is also available to help answer those questions. This will not affect your standing in the ARPG.

:eager: Gold Coins and Silver Coin usage for Griffians
GC sales and customs are only made when guest artists are comfortable making them. For many of our guest artists, Griffia is their sole source of income. We make GC available as much as we can. This group will not force its Artists/creators to take Griffia Currency, and it is something they choose to do when they can. GC and SC do not pay living expenses.

:eager: Cooldowns and Limits on Sales/Ownerships
There will never be cool downs/limits or rules for purchasing, owning or participating in this ARPG.

:eager: Blacklists and Public Updates on Cheating/Scamming and Harassment.
From our Mission statement: "This community believes in second chances, and we do not believe in blacklists, public shaming or permanent punishments. If you own up to your mistakes, apologize, and change your behavior, we believe that you should be given an opportunity to prove it by participating again. Being honest should never be punished unless your honesty is used to attack someone else." We deal with all issues brought our way through HR or Admin. The punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis. These punishments will never be public, the mods and members involved will know and are the only ones that need to know. If anyone wants to come clean with what they have done publicly, that is up to them. Anyone who breaks rules, scams or hurt others in this community, will be kept under a close eye or banned if their behavior does not change. We do not ignore serious issues.

:eager: Royal status
Royal status, along with other statuses, are being looked at as we rework the game.

:eager: Fertilizer
Fertilizer is a rare item in the game. We are keeping an eye on the economy and making adjustments as needed.

:eager: Gifts/Rewards
Gifts are outside of the game. Unlike rewards, they should not be an expected part of participation in the ARPG. Gift-givers have full freedom over whom they would like to gift. If you would like to nominate someone to receive a gift, please go to the nomination comment.

:eager: Achievements
We are currently working on adding more achievements that can be earned for free by participating in the ARPG. These are fun things to add to your tracker that have no bearing on gameplay.

:eager: Trackers
With the new World of Griffia temporary Masterlist, Trackers are no longer a necessary part of gameplay. You may still use trackers if you like.

:eager: Trials
Trials can be interpreted in many ways! Be creative! And if you can’t think of a way to do it that is canon to your character’s personality, you can choose to draw the art but not have it be canon or to not do the trial if you wish. We need to have a set thing we can approve in order to have your character progress in the game.
(example: if your Griffolk is not a farmer, depict them failing at each step instead of being good at it. It's like going to school and having classes that are pointless to what you want to do later in life. You still have to do them)

:eager: Magic passives
We are currently taking another look at the core magic, novice to grandmaster and how they apply to gameplay and passives.

:eager: Griffian passives
We are also taking another look at the passives, stay tuned!

:new: :eager: Quick Link Additions
The reason we are not adding all the quick-links to banks for all the activities is because if anything is changed, we would have to go through all the journal pages to edit everything. Please use your Artist Tracker to record and snag all your bank links in a quick manner, or if it’s easier, bookmark them.

:new: :eager: XTA's
The reason why the times are short during the XTA’s, and there are specific themes, is to give all the specialized artists a chance and to leave it open to try new things.

:new: :eager: Uber Items
At this time, Uber items are non-transferable unless you trade them in at Hoobus and Boobus Shop.
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ZenniLynn Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Site Page: WOG Temp Masterlist

I noticed there's a missing griffian when I use the wog ML filter tabs when I look at my Facets. #403 is missing from the tab… (link to the page with tabs)
It doesn't show ALL of my Facets when I click on the right filter, as #403 is shown when you do an advanced search using species/current user…
Not sure if broken or if it's a recurring bug for other users, but I thought it'd be good to bring your attention to it. :> The species filter tabs seem to be omitting stuff. Hopefully it's just a localized bug on me and not with others!
Lollymote Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What did you find: Void Well + Winflower can be played unlimited times, and possibly earn GC just by playing them

Void well [NEW]
The Winning Flower

How does it break the game:
Items cost 50 GC each to buy in Winflower. Most (not all) of these items sell for 50-100 GC in the Void well. The items from Winflower pay for the roll, making it possible to go between the two journals with no limit, and a small chance for earning GC, which could start adding up if rolls consistently give back enough to roll the same amount again.

I could be wrong, this is just my impression at a glance, after checking only a handful of winflower rng examples. If players have bad luck, they will only get back half their GC from winflower, but still, that slows down winflower's gc sink function.

Chart for how much GC winflower's items give back:
2 items - less than half GC back
8 items - half GC back
8 items - full GC back
2 items - double GC back
1 item - triple GC back
1 item - quadruple GC back
(not counting love item / status berries)

With all of this mixed together, most rolls will probably give back all of the GC which the roll cost.

What is your suggested fix:
Lower the void well price on chronopods to 15 gc. (5 chronopods in the winflower rng list is why so many items give back full GC. changing their price to 25 would be nice, but too many items give double/quadruple GC for that to be balanced how it is atm). This is the smallest fix, and only affects the void well, which has only been up for three hours, so it's what I recommend the most.

Alternate but potentially messier fix options:
Change Winflower to cost 100 for one item (not for 3 rolls - just 100 per each item). Alternately, shop prices can be lowered, and the void well price can be lowered, so that the economy isn't destroyed by the loophole during the wait to update winflower. These would affect more of the game though, so every game activity would need to be considered before applying the fix.

(This was done a bit quickly since I just logged on and saw the prices, so I may have miscounted stuff on the prize chart. Again, I could be mistaken, maybe this is how winflower was intended to work, but I thought a quick FYI wouldn't hurt!)
jessabelleanna Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Came to point out basically the same just have some additions, most people I looked at on the winning flower would break even or make a profit if they sold all the items they got, it probably doesn't need to be adjusted a whole lot to fix this, just some minor changes. 

Also some price inconsistencies that could be changed to balance:
- jar of fertilizer is worth 100 while uber fert is 150 despite being equivalent to 3 jars of fertilizer. prices should be adjusted to match conversion.
- bean key to treasure bean ratio:Keys are harder to obtain than the beans imo but for some reason beans are 4 times the value of a key for trade in, their worth should be more equal to each other in my opinion unless keys are planned to be easier to obtain in the future.
  so maybe update fert to be 50 to match the 150 price of the uber and bring down the price of a treasure bean to be closer or equal to a bean key (I would recommend making the bean 100 personally)

Also also (although I would personally like to avoid everything dropping in price) just for some reference in World of Warcraft the sell back price is 1/4 of the original cost last I played it, that might be a good reference if certain other changes don't balance things out. 
griffsnuff Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
This is probably something we have to consider! We will give a deadline so everyone has a chance to sell them back for the current prices before we change them! :D
DayDreamSyndrom Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't want to say something but here I am!

How are these companions called?
in griffs art they are called snytas but the registration hub and the visual ml calls them syntas

SYNtas is also the name in the temp ML

griffsnuff Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
It is Snytas, just an error will be fixed asap :3
DayDreamSyndrom Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i saw the name was changed in the ML but all 12 snytas are still syntas in the ML and if you click on the snytas button you don't get any results c:

RestartBob Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2019
Outdated Info:

Apparently one doesn't have to do the Eather trial first if they're cursed now.. so that info can be removed from this trial. I can't find any info on the World of Griffia so there's nothing to change there.

According to Amy on discord. I can't remember if it's in a change log anywhere

Amy-Eather trial AUg 2019 by RestartBob
RestartBob Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2019
Fairly important, cause new members need Da Rules

Broken link:
Bagbeans group Homepage
The "Rules" button goes here:…

jessabelleanna Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
On the website in advanced search if you search by item and then do ascending and descending it doesn't sort ascending/descending by that item but by username instead. This is technically not "broken" just not a feature that is included but sorting by who has the most of an item would be a cool feature… 
I shall be GC lord of griffia!! I need to know my competition!! lol
jessabelleanna Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Were is it located:

Feedback Box
Welcome to the Feedback box!
This box is were you can give your Feedback! To help the ARPG grow!
:bulletorange: Be sure to copy paste the form provided in each comment when you are making a reply! And be sure to fill out any necessary step!
:bulletgreen: Please keep this box to objective feedback and not just opinions and feelings.
:bulletgreen: We do not accept feedback from anonymous accounts. If you want to post a suggestion, but do not feel comfortable, have a friend do it or go to HR.
:bulletgreen: We do not accept suggestions with swearing, accusations about people or aggressive posts. If your post is hidden, you can resubmit it with a change.
:bulletgreen: If you are making a claim, you must provide some kind of proof to back up this claim.
:bulletgreen: Please be sure to read the feedback, to see if yours have already been posted!
:bulletgreen: Do not make new fe

it says:
:eager: by darkmoon3636 Royal status
We will not be adding or changing anything with the perks of the royal status as the royal status currently has a special perk in tournaments.

but from the goal list things are changing with the royal status so this might want to be removed or edited to match that

Provide the new info: I wouldn't know what to put exactly since I don't know what the royal status is being reworked to, you could remove it entirely or  just put we are not accepting suggestions on what statuses with do in the future at this time
jesse0319 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Updated! Thanks :D
jessabelleanna Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What did you find: Parasplicers can have vegetable and pot head without unlocking those mutations since they can splice into living things and objects
How does it break the game: If I wanted to unlock a status I would have to buy a mutation I technically already have
What is your suggested fix: Include those as automatic mutations for splicers
RestartBob Featured By Owner May 22, 2019
Outdated Info 

Farming trial links to the old activity approval hub. Even if that old hub links to the new one, having the most correct information reduces confusion.
It might be outdated on other trials, I didn't check.

Farming Trial

Links to this one 

Should go to this one 

The new approval hub also has a typo in the first line: "Patiant"
jesse0319 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
RestartBob Featured By Owner Edited May 12, 2019
Just a typo and extra space

Open Species Registration 

"To help you design your MYO, the species sheets are linked here, click the **namet o ** be taken to it ..."

Should be "name to"

If you are Registering an Ealeg you will need to rebase them on this provided base. Please save them **as  a** PNG and then fill out the form ..."

Double space between "as" and "a". Not important but if you fix the other one, might as well get that too.

Open Species Registration [ALL]
jesse0319 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks, fixed! :D
dorumon210 Featured By Owner May 5, 2019

Location: Bagbean Starter Lore

"The noble Bean who discovered this water was declared king of Griffia, and was entrusted by his people to protect and cultivate the mighty Tree. To this day, his ancestors still tend to it."

Fix: The word "ancestors" should be "descendants". 

(Not sure where else to report this. Sorry if this is the wrong place.)
griffsnuff Featured By Owner May 6, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
:D ohh thanks! fixed
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2019
Broken Links

Not quite broken, not quite right

Bagbeans Group Homepage
Service sector
"Redeem Item/Griffians" goes to

should go to
Redemption Hub
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2019

Level Store

It still says "Open", but I think I read it's closing soon? So long as it's still open there's some stuff to fix

-What are Levels?
Every link below is outdated except the mana shop.

"Every activity in the links below will gain you 1 Level.

Bullet; Green Beania Trial Hub | Bullet; Green Capria Trial Hub | Bullet; Green Fluffia Trial Hub
Bullet; Green University of Griffia | Bullet; Green
Buying from mana shop once

I think it's still correct that every trial still gives a level.
Current hub of trials and university: Global ACTIVITIES APPROVALS

-How Do I Earn Levels from This Shop?

"Tracker Level Log Information

To level up you will need to keep track of what your DOM has used in the past to level up. You need to keep track in the following way:

Level 1 - Identity Trial *link here to level store approval*
Level 2 - Builder Trial *link here to level store approval*

It doesnt have to be one response for every level you have, if you already have 10 levels you can reply with one comment with all the 10 levels filled out. But then each time you level up your DOM you need to make sure to reply and have that information added to the section. PLEASE do not do your "own" thing I require it laid out like this or as similar to this as possible.

More explanation of how to set up that level comment on the tracker would be really helpful. Like a link to the tracker template at least. The description of what to do kind of implies that a member know how to work their tracker, which isn't the most helpful.
As it is, there's not enough information to make it clear. It is written as if you must comment with the approval comment of your level on your tracker level comment, before you seek approval in this journal. How do you get approval before you ask for approval?
And the language of the guide expects perfection. "PLEASE do not do your "own" thing I require it laid out like this or as similar to this as possible."

It's difficult to understand, without looking for examples from people, and rather rude. After checking other people's  trackers I guess it means the trial approval comments, not the level approval comments.

Modernize language. Griffolk, instead of DOMS. Fix grammar. Update form for use of masterlist on the new website, as in no need to link just need the species and ID number.


I think some of the items have been removed? I guess you just get the GC value while this is still open. A note to confirm this would be helpful.

jesse0319 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
The Level Store has been closed ovo/
RestartBob Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019
Yeah. It wasn't in April and even the mods didn't know what the journal was trying to say…
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
I'll look at the new site from now on I guess. 


"Force-field - Temporarily create a kinetic *sheild*"

Shield is correct. 

Also all the root items seem to say "Caprian Mutations". Not sure if that's really old, or being introduced again.

Outdated info…

How to use
You can use this currency to pay for actual customs/adopts/features that cost money!"

Since it's situational whether or not one can use GC on adopts, it might be better to focus the description on the use of GC in shops or the void well or any other in game use. This would prevent confusion and disappointment in new members.
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
>u</ thank you for posting this, the entire item section is, however, going to be reworked and was just copied from our old banks, the coding needs some work so that we can use basic html for their descriptions and so on, and the structure is being rewritten to be more clear, so all of this is on a to-do list as soon as the more important parts of the site is being fixed.
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019
Aw man, I can never tell what's just "in progress", or is actually bad/outdated, so I prefer to mention it in case it's actually wrong. The unfinished state makes trying to find information most difficult. I'll stop pointing things out until the website is officially launched
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah your doing a really awesome job so it is super helpful! just thought I wanted to let you know about the item section in case you wanted to look at them more >u</
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019
Broken links

The "Griffian base and theme edit" button on the group homepage leads to the griffon redemption journal. I'm seeing this on Bagbeans and Anubian Empire. Maybe its intentional? Not sure where that button is supposed to go so I clicked to find out.
Griffon Redemption
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2019
Outdated Info/Broken Links

Weebly, How to Get Started

"We have various Activities that you can participate in"

That activities page is outdated, as can be assumed by the address "activities--retired".
You can either just remove the link, or have it go to that "Activity Progression" thing:…


"There are also free to make species:
 Ealegs - Capria
 Dyst Bunny - Fluffia
 Snych - Beania 
 Rootalp - Beania "

I think all those pages are outdated.  Needs to be fixed, if these are still a thing. Just using the weebly, I wouldn't know where to go to find out how to register these things. I think I found it on the bagbeans group home page:
Open Species Registration [ALL]

"Love Items are Griffia's way to do MYOs."

The love items link just goes to the item directory. Not incorrect but makes the user do extra work, which is counterproductive in a starter guide.

" ... which you can later use to either buy a companion, or to buy items from the Item Shop."

Item shop is outdated. The old item shop does re-direct to the new one, so it ain't that bad. However, it should be replaced with the new shop:


Every mission listed here is retired. Can you do anything else with companions? I can't find anything on bagbeans the front page.

RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2019

Weebly, Mission statement

At the very bottom:
"Please read our ARPG rules for more information"

Probably should go to:…
RestartBob Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2019
Pea And Peanut Info

- For a detailed explanation on Pea and Peanut trackers, and how to turn them in, please click here
- Once your Pea/Peanuts have been converted, both are stored in one of the three Currency Banks **on the BankofGriffia account.**"

New info:
Banks are on that new site now, right?
Kryonikk Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2019
Were is it located:Global ITEM USAGES
Provide the new info: Event Seeds conversions still offers retired items like Aura and Skill Fruits
griffsnuff Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Updated! thanks :D
RestartBob Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019
Outdated Info 

Q/A is outdated. It links to the weebly FAQ which is not being kept up to date. Also spelling mistakes and outdated terms, Doms and such.

Griffia Q+A Hub

Remove the link to the FAQ. Ideally, update it so it's relevant. But remove the links if that can't happen.
Fix mistakes and modernize the language.
jesse0319 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
This has been partially updated! :> The weebly links will remain for now, until we decide what to put there instead <3
XKSilver Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Bagbean ID trial is really outdated
Identity Trial

Sprouts no longer have to conform to the old dye rules, the comic in the journal is also super outdated as an example. Also for personal preference, it needs to be reworded since it's not clear whether or not fabian needs to be in the actual trial or not. (the language kinda confuses me a bit too since it's too much options at once wheezee)
RestartBob Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
Companion registration is outdated, providing conflicting info.
Modmonsters are still in the taming list. Weren't these removed or renamed or something? Griffons I know were removed. Probably more to update in there.

Unregistration: under "Registration" it states you must comment to unregister before trading. Then it states this is automatic under "Unregistration".

This link isn't useful as it just goes to Weebly homepage. 
"Please check out the Active Griffian Lists found under Griffians on our weebly! to find out your Companions continent of origin! "
Linking to the list of "passives" and the relevant section for the continent specific species would be more helpful. I got lost for at least 10 minutes trying to find that information, not knowing it had been moved into a separate guide that's not referenced in the "Griffians" section of the Weebly. 

Were is it located:

Griffian Registration

Modmonster name change
Change Log - March '18 - May '18

Griffolk page

Passives page…

Provide the new info:
Update list of tameable species to whatever is current. Notably, modmonster and griffons have changed. 

Fix conflicting info on unregistration when selling characters. 

Useful links would be helpful, but it's not incorrect to ask the player to look it up themselves. Adding the keyword "Passive Tamer Magic" somewhere would be a huge help.
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