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I'm just burning my flame in the cold
And moments of unknown ending unfold before my eyes
For now, there is no beauty
And everything I'm the witness of
Expands as blooming flowers
But only in my mind alone.
I'm broken by what keeps me breathing
Wrapped up in the sweet words of mine
Lies of light and soul of pleasure
Keep the river of blood flowing with fury
Pouring the mix on a canvas
On my veil of stars
The transparent cloak over my heart
A claw of yours holding all of me.
The seed of hate I grew inside me
Now has a clearer form
For it was before only a black spot in a desert of white
The shape of it
It is as such
A mirror of me
And just beyond
In the corner of my eye
A mirror of you
So I've got drunk on potions
But my mending is lost in Eden
The flavor I for such a time desire
I can't taste it anymore
And as I crawl out of time
I'm just burning my flame in the cold
So I just whisper to myself
I'm always the same
Full of rotting thoughts
Turning mad what is full of love
Forging life l
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Roots. by Baetu Roots. :iconbaetu:Baetu 0 0
his fall.
When his feet seem to struggle
He wishes you’d lay down with him
So you can rest your troubled souls
And whisper all the demons have to say
Their evil stories that dwell within him
They will
in the wind when the warmth of her lips touch his.
Tell me why you walk tonight when I know you could fly
You walk these paths of moonlight to the sky and back
And there are stars of pure light glittering in your eyes
But for all his fantasies he lost my way
The path he chose left him falling from the sky
And swirling from that height he glanced upon her smile
Her body rests on ground but his is struggling to fly
The grassland trembles as he falls on his back
His body is strong but his soul broke
And pieces of it fell on her white skin
He knows they are lost forever now
But his thoughts would always travel down in time
At the image of her shining in the pale light of the moon
With spots of black charcoal on her milky skin
This left him empty
And there are sharp swords embed i
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our secret.
Do you remember our secret ?
Nobody knows what we know about it
Nobody needs to know
We burn inside ourselves to ash
Until there is only an empty body
But we know that there are so many ways
To spark another cinder
So we can burn like a torch
Whose flames won’t go out
Not even in the coldest of nights
Not even in tonight
The light of the moon shines
The wolves howl
And evil is at the door
Don’t be scared
Our embrace will always be warmer
And in my arms your skin smells like heaven
There’s only us at the edge of night
And our eyes glittering like diamonds
They are full of desire
The desire to always fight this evil together.
and we will
We will conquer every piece of sad poetry
Every sad piano song
Every scary story
And all the moments you fall into the dark
I will hold you so we can fall together
And we will make that hell our home
We will grow flowers
We will sing in the shower of spears
We will take bullets to our hearts
We will love every wound that makes us strong
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There is nothing as good as silence
A warm smile
And eyes of joy staring at you
As the cigarette smoke rises  from her mouth
And swirls into the dark night.
Think of tonight as the last moment
The only shard of time that has ever been
Tonight is the night we dance again among the stars.
Come and whisper in my ear all of yourself
All you never say
All of your grim thoughts
So then you’ll live inside me
I’ll store you in my heart
And I will keep you there forever.
Now there will be us
We’ll share the bitterness of life
The happiness
The tears
The wine
Our lips.
And nothing is going to stop us
We’ll drift among the dreams
We’ll stare at the rain
We’ll adore the promises
We’ll hate the breaking of them
And all of this we’ll love.
My dear our love is madness
Not even death would make me sane.
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the last of autumn.
It’s a classic.
I’ve heard it before.
You’ve seen it ending in your mind.
The last of autumn
Is here.
I’ve waited for this so much
That the desire filled my veins
And took over my mind
And now, as it ends, I play the memories
Again and again.
In the wind of autumn I tasted blood and revolution
Until freedom kicked my thoughts
And shouted loud as a roaring lion : “Never again!”
And so I went in again…
Within the maze of falling leaves
Within the never ending madness
I finally broke out
And flew far, far away into the sky
To find myself.
Now I know who I am
And I see the victory in that
The purest of joy
The blooming of love
A flower for me to cherish
A song to fill my heart
The power to break away from autumn.
I remember the times when I had no soul
Like an empty bottle of hope
That would refill by a single drop
But consumed everyday.
Now I do know
Never again will I offer my soul
To a falling leaf.
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out of the shadows.
There’s a storm in my blood
And an ocean of thunders on my mind
I can not walk away from this hurricane
But there’s a paradise waiting beyond these gates.
My wings are broken now
So I can do nothing but stare at the sky
I try breaking away from these chains
And I don’t care if this will be the end
So I struggle to fly again
But the storm in me wants me down.
I wait for these clouds to wash away
But in my eyes the dark settles even more.
As I look upon the cloudy sky
I know there are stars beyond
I know that one of them is you.
Running for your light
I fall again hurting my wings even more
And then a spark drops out of me
I wanted so much to see beyond these clouds
That I did not know the light I needed
I held it all this time hidden in my pocket.
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devil in the mirror.
There are bitter mornings I encounter
And it’s past the time I should’ve had her
When I’m feeling lost again, walking in the shadows
A naked body solitary  in the darkness.
Moments when I stare at a devil in the mirror
These eyes are far away from seeing clearer
It tells me of evil thoughts and sadness
Of lost pieces of music and of madness.
It  only shows me gore and raw revenge
Whatever was, will come again
But as I stare lower at my chest
Hiding among the red, a spark at rest
There is a light inside
I tell it kindly, you should not hide
A flame within me burning like the sun
A story of how it all begun
There is where I keep myself
Everything on a dusty forsaken shelf
Is where I keep the love and all my hope
Trying to keep them safe from rolling down the slope
They are stars that burn without a reason
They will soon dry this rainy season
This pale light of essence red
It looks so weak because it bled
It’s hard to see today
But it will burn more then
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green eyes.
There are seconds I count
but hours I skip,
this might be late
but it’s alright.
Time hates me because of you
and for the same reason I hate time.
I might have made a mistake
thinking of green when there was only white
and in between some yellow paint covering the soil,
but it’s alright.
These words I keep hearing,
spitted by my own lips,
they’re poison for my mind
and I seem to take a sip of it everyday
until the dragons die
and all that once was my imagination fades.
Tears of blood flow like a river
as I bury it with everything else,
they’re buried in time and in the frozen white
and there will be no green to make them come back to life.
Some countless thoughts
in some dark morning
they keep me wired
and when I lay on my back
and stare into nothing
the dark ones punish me
they whisper  slowly :
'you have a heart of glass
and you poured green in it
and everything that’s beautiful
and everything you love
but winter will freeze it soon
when it will bre
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the tulips I’ve planted
now grow together
embracing one another
with leaves floating in the wind
while spirals spiral inward towards you
and whispers in your ears
i want you
i want your darkness
i want to taste you like a sin
like a bitter coffee on a lousy morning
the taste of a cloudy sky with thunders on my mind.
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I have nothing in my heart than desire.
Desire of facing solitude, a lonely figure staring at the melting sun far far away where nature can swallow my thoughts.The dreams seems slighter darker now, I dream of mist, a cold meadow where I stand for hours and wait for you. But you never come. The photographs, I hardly recall your face but that won’t stop me from wanting you back. As I wait and wait, the mist overwhelms me.There’s nothing left now, nothing but memories, so many memories fading away as I try to renew them.
I have nothing in my heart than desire.
Desire of facing you, two lonely figures playing in the sun far far away where nothing can reach us.Our dreams seem to collide, I dream of light, a warm morning  in a greener garden where I wait for you. My eyes fill with happines when I glare upon your joyful smile. The photographs of us, we carry in our hearts like a kindled fire to warm our souls. As we love each other more, there’s nothing left but brightn
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I fall for you.
As I walked the sunshined path
Cold crept through the woods
And wind was touching  me
With fallen leaves rotting in my soul
I’ve seen it all in one embrace
I knew it then, I know it now
I got winter in my bones
But my blood boils for you
I have a volcano in my heart
That erupts at the thought of you
Rivers of loving lava flowing through me
That I wish I’d pour between your lips.
I’m the fool waiting by that lake
The lake we both glared upon
It was the mirror of our lives
But now as I gaze into the water
I am alone.
The trees whispered slowly
Don’t let the cold kill the warmth in your heart
The branches then bend down to touch my face
They gave me a pocket full of thirst
A thirst for you.
My eyes widened to  a image of you calling for me
I tripped running for the touch of your hand.
And rotten leaves poured out of  me
A volcano lost in the woods somewhere.
I felt weak and scared.
Like I’d never see any of it again.
Ages aged the fallen body
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We made a promise under the Moon and the stars
Under Saturn and Mars.
And in my dreams I still see you and I
Holding each other under the sky.
A promise from way back then when we made memories
When our love had no boundaries
To this day when we have only the stories
And our solitude worries.
But clocks go forward and my heart beats faster now
It’s been a while since the forgotten vow.
Since I’ve seen these sunsets drenched in blood
Since we buried words in mud.
A flaming  line on the horizon
My love for you will always keep on rising.
And a moving sea that goes to sleep
Forgetting us cut me so deep.
This sea can not wash these sinning lips
This sunset will burn our ships.
Then let us build a bridge between these shores
Let this be the bond of our souls.
Because we don’t belong in darkness
My darling we reside in brightness.
And all I need is love to dry those tears
That made me weep for broken promises.
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