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Winamp Base (Winamp2 Classic) Skin for VLC

Update 23.11.13: Video support, bugfixes. :) Make sure to change the *.zip extension to *.vlt so VLC can read it. :)

This is my little tribute to Winamp - one of the best media players in the world. Since it's quit the development after 15 years, you may want to skin your VLC to look exactly like the good ol' Winamp2. Enjoy!

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This is the best VLC skin ever! Thanks, you are my life saver.

can you make a 2x zoomed version of this? (it is better for modern HD displays)

This is unreal! Looks spot on! You've made my day! :)

How do I get the video window back after closing it? If I close the video window, audio continues to play, but I cannot get the video back even after restart.

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Hi, I wanted to ask you if you have any plans to provide a re-labelled version ("VLC" instead of "WINAMP") besides this one. Thank you.
I would love this skin, ban using winamp for about 10 years now but every time I click the link, it wont start for me, can someone e-mail me the skin or tell me what im doing wrong. 

Thank you so very much
how do i download i
hi, on linux the vlc tray icon is not showing when using this skin. Is it possible to fix it?

Also is it possible to have the regular filenames showing in the playlists instead of the track titles only?
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Hi, unfortunately I currently don't have any way to test anything on Linux and I don't really want to update this skin myself anymore. Try messing around with VLC Skin Editor and you might make it work yourself. :)

About the filenames - to my knowledge, it's not possible without editing some config files. Google for more information. If it's possible in VLC's native playlist, it'll definitely work in this skin as well.

Let me know if you find any solutions to your problems, I'll make sure to update the description or maybe even the skin itself.
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Just as a note, as for today, it works pretty well in my linux computer (Manjaro 18, XFCE)
Wow. I'm a fan of this skin.  Really cool winamp 2x feel,  I'm a huge fan of Winamp and hope Justin F. all the best, fucking genius that guy is.  / Baegus, thanks for this, It's obviously this took a LOT of hard work, as the Aussies say "You're a legend mate!"/ I may use this 100% just for the Playlist being better than the default VLC skin... love the "Snapping" ability.   Totally awesome skin seriously.  Even the audio is showing me the kbps rate, another reason I loved winamp.   This was last updated in 2013?  and there was a previous comment only 2 days ago?! (and then... like a yr ago (10mnths))   
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Thank you for the kind words. It actually wasn't that much work, most of the time I spent on this skin actually went into learning how to use the VLC Skin Editor. :)
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Incredibly awesome theme! I really appreciate your great work, thanks.
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And I appreciate your comment! Glad you liked it!
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May I suggest modifying the playlist window to have VLC's search input field there as well? Would make this the most perfect VLC skin ever! :D
Really love this btw, great work.
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As I said, I don't really want to work on this anymore, but feel free to edit my skin yourself using the VLC Skin Editor and maybe send it to me, I might update it here.
Glad you enjoyed my skin! :)
very nice skin!
tip: make the "I" letter clickable (will show file information)
Awesome skin! Could you make the main windows (with the play/pause controls) also resizable??
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I don't think so, sorry. You are free to use the VLC Skin Editor and try it yourself, but I'm not really planning to edit this skin again.
Great Job, the Llama lives!!!
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This skin is very impressive. I tried it and it worked like a charm. Shared it at AskVG -…

Thanks for your hard work. :)
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Wow, thanks Vishal! It's great to see that. I'm gonna release an update soon, with video support and a few graphical tweaks, so stay tuned! 
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