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So here we see Kogan the Orc, he’s the leader of a squad of Tiger scouts, but today he’s in the mood for a drive, he owns a good number of slaves who work on his land, house etc, but he also has a number he uses for pulling his chariot, he’s patting the bottom of Satin a blonde pony slave, next to her on her right is Pepper a brown haired pony slave and next to Pepper is Satin’s sister who’s called Coco, They have been waiting for their master for a sometime while he has breakfast and waits for the Sun to come up some more, but now he’s ready giving each pony a quick inspection before releasing the holding chain attached to Coco’s bit, then gabbing the reins and climbing aboard the chariot, whip in hand he gives the order
He we see the team in full gallop, legs rising and falling breasts swinging, mouths biting down on the bit and the whip falling on already tender bottoms to encourage greater effort, the reins gripped ready to turn them left or right or slow them down,  In the last two hours they have covered many miles at this fast pace  and know there will be no let up anytime soon, the whip falls again, another angle of Kogan and his ponyslaves, The biggest problem i had in doing these pictures was the blasted whip, as its rigged with over fifty bones you thing it would be easy to bent and curve it, then render the image only to find squared parts where you want it bending in to a nice curve,   Last image for now
badwolf666 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018
Thank you
Legion1a Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018
Fabulous series and striking team
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