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whats a tag line ???
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okay so after a long day at WIT i go to check my deviant, and i find that i have 16 Feed back messages, which is really strange for me, so i get all excited~!!!

8 of them are Deviant watchs and the other 8, a llama, a and a bunch of favourits, with 3 Notes~!!
You have no idea how excited i was!!
I love reading notes that people send to me, and to see all of that was amazing! I check my notes to see who sent me a note, expecting my sister, and there was some random person telling me to be careful.  I got a little scared for a second when i read, "dont leave your deviant logged in", but then i found out, that not only did she Deviant WATCH me, but she wrote out a journal about me too, giving me a bunch of new deviant watchers too!! All i can say, is Thank you SOO much again! lol This was a wonderful surprise to come home too :iconilikeitplz:

this amazing person is :iconduckcup:  So if anyone reads my journals if you check out her art work too, that would be amazing! Just doing the same she did for me, for her :iconikissitplz:
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I'm SICK!!!

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its been 2 days of me being sick, yesterday was really bad though xD i watched foot ball cause i couldnt actually pay attention to anything cause it hurt my brain and i wanted somthing to entertain me, so knowing i no nothing about football i put it on cause it moved alot and  it had sound, i literally sat there and was like "oooh pretty colours" lol

Today i'm feeling a lot better, i can at least sit up and maybe waddle around with out it hurting to badly, i should be sleeping right now but i cant :( once i start to try and sleep i get waaaay to warm and it effects my sleep :( also im at the point of sickness where im figity :P ( i dont no how to spell that :T)

Yesterday all i did was sneeze, now im coughing D: i hate coughing i really prefer sneezing..

anyways im writing a journal so im not just doing nothing, and it keeps me thinking to the point where it doesnt hurt lol

Luckily i have a 3 day weekend so i get to rest before school starts again :)

BTW about school~

R.T.B is really different then my other years, but i doubt it will be bad, its a whole year so ill end up liking every one i hope > <

English is okay, i mean im not a huge fan of that class but it could be worse. So far, my teacher doesnt hate me :)
buts its just started so we'll see

I have a spare~!! its really nice :) i get to finish all my homework from english in there~ but i wish i had one next semester too cause i have history and math.. :(

And i hate gym... sooooooo much lol

Anyways i should stop this just in case some one actually read this lol Soooooo Buh bye~ Talk to you all later :)

P.S i have my computer back into my room~ ( i love you computer sooo nice to me :>     )
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You must post these rules.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him. No tag backs. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people. Watch your grammar!

The Questions i was asked ;D

1.What's your fave color?
Blue, Green, Purple

2.What type of music do you like?
I have a very wide verity of music that i like, i believe my favoruite genra is Rock though

3.Have you ever gotten into a fight for something stupid?
Yes all the time ( siblings )

4.Have you gone to any other country?

5.What's your fave show?
Right now its Monk

6.What kind of movies do you like?
Comedy, Horrors, pixar stuff

7.Who's your fave actor/actress?
Dont really have one

8.Have you ever told a lie?

9.What's your fave cartoon character?

10.Do you think these questions are lame,yes or no?
Nah they were okay


Your Questions ( MWA hahahahhohohohheee )

1) What gender are you. ( Female, Male, or Other )

2) Do you love me? :D

3) Do you find me creepy yet? ;)

4) What is your ALL TIME FAVORTIE FOOD?!!?!?!

5) Have you herd of the song Dare by Gorillaz?

6) If not go listen to it!! now What do you think of it? :D ( if you've already herd it What do you think about it?)

7) Whats the funniest youtube video you've seen before? or your recent favorite one. Send me a link :D

8) Do you know of kingdom hearts?do you love it?

9) Do you play an instrument? if so tell me what instrument if not what instrument would you like to play?

10) Do you love me now? <:D

I taaaaaaaaaag~~~  You! :iconeat-some-carrots: :iconrandomperson1029: :iconloldudelol69: :iconjohbee: :iconsawbonez: :iconjubilation12pinay: :iconhyper-kenny-1991: :iconjaryth000: :iconreapernibblet:

Ha ha... i broke the rules he he he he... TRY AND STOP ME!!! >D
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OMG!!!! Yay~~~

Thanks for all of this >w<

im on the phone right now so this is going to be really short lol

Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!! :iconiloveitmoreplz:

<3 ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well this year was interesting... i've been through a lot of shi* but i've also been through a lot of amazing moments, and truthfully, i wouldn't change it for the world :iconilikeitplz:

I've made a lot of great friends, and now i have an amazing boyfriend.

I'm gonna miss the innocents of last year, but im looking forward to the future :iconmeowfaceplz:

Truthfully this year will probable be just as hard as last year just in a different way, but i'll get through it xD

My goals for this year


Try to not get so irritated

Be the best girlfriend i can be :iconilltellonyouplz:


Be The best i can be in general XD

I had a great new years party thing with my family :D i hope your guys's  was awesome aswell!!!

( lol sorry for my cheesyness, but i just am ;D)

And just cause i love this face :iconimlookpatheticplz: ~~ see yalls later :D
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