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No, I Will Not Shut Up
Shut up!
You say, then storm away,
Only to come back when I reply.
Shut up!
You declare, seemingly unaware,
That I will not comply.
Shut up!
You want, to silence me,
For what you dare not state.
Shut up!
You only, wish to disguise,
That your only good reason is hate.
Shut up!
Is something, that comes to mind,
Only to those who know,
(Shut up!)
Deep down, that my words ring true,
This is why you stoop so low.
:iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 13 0
Splash by BadlyDrawnTurtle Splash :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 3 1 Splish by BadlyDrawnTurtle Splish :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 3 2
Conservative Christians
Benevolence, Kindness, and Forgiveness,
From the Throne of Power.
An emphasis on Improvement and Cooperation,
Solving problems Fairly and Without Help.
Even Disagreements remain Mostly Civil.
Violence, Anger, and Condemnation,
From the Throne of Power.
An emphasis on Subordination and Exclusion,
Solving problems by Pleading For Help.
Even the Nice Parts are Often Bloody.
What Sort of Person,
Champions the Second,
And Disparages the First?
:iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 0 0
The Nomad -Nots
Each is a tiny fuzzy thing,
A kitty except not kitty.
All full of love, all full of life,
All welcoming and helpful-full.
Quick taken by the black-leg'd Queen,
And punished for their caring ways.
As slave, as worse, as merely food,
For hoard which landed in their home.
But now the Queen has left behind,
The Kitty-Nots she tread upon.
Few are left, those remaining split,
In two yet smaller groups they go.
One portion, -Nots still full of heart,
Set building houses back in place.
The rest, all innocence consumed,
Part ways to roam the land beyond.
And so the Nomad -Nots were born.
Never trusting, never helping,
Though care they surely hold inside.
Not a threat, nor in fright, but sad.
:iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 2 3
A Warning of Windigo
A Cold that creeps across the land
Preventing growth of life and plant
May be no normal sort of Snow
But indeed the work of Windigo
With each day Chiller than the last
And no break seen in Arctic Blast
It is time to venture out and fight
The demons of this Winter Night
Though we can flee from Biting Cold
Or wait it out as it grows old
A Windigo has no such stake
For Winter follows in its wake
They hate what their presence brings
But relish in you the Chilly Sting
It is great consolation of theirs
That their suffering can be shared
Beware that without united front
Nothing about this can be done
Windigo exceed in causing strife
It is what they know best in life
For all their power and their threat
They pale in the face of comradeship
Is there a magic to be blamed
Or do they mearly feel ashamed
:iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 1 0
Sombra's Stairs
  down the Steps
    of Eternity
the Stairs
  will never
no soul
  but yourself
    to blame
  past the Flights
    of Foreverness
the landings
    no hope,
the last stair
  just the first
    of the next Flight
One hoof
  in front
    of the others
  and again
    and again
:iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 1 0
Love to a Changeling
Love is given willingly
or taken without consent
Love is cherished in small portions
but is much better in large
Love is a selfless act
to fuel a selfish end
Love is a warm feeling to bask in
but a delicious one to consume
Love is a piece of someone else
that is now ours to use
Love, to a Pony, is comfort
Love, to a Changeling, is food
:iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 2 2
Emotipony Wink by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Wink :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 7 0 Emotipony Wince by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Wince :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 8 0 Emotipony Unsure by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Unsure :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 6 2 Emotipony Undecided by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Undecided :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 5 0 Emotipony Tired by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Tired :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 4 0 Emotipony Tease by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Tease :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 4 0 Emotipony Stunned2 by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Stunned2 :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 2 0 Emotipony Stunned1 by BadlyDrawnTurtle Emotipony Stunned1 :iconbadlydrawnturtle:BadlyDrawnTurtle 5 0


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So, an idiot said some stupid things, and I called him out on it (in a gentle manner, which is unusual for me). He responds by continuing to be edgy and pissy on my profile page. I respond again, he sends me another response… and what do I find at this point? He's blocked me from replying. He commented on my own profile page, and I'm not allowed to reply. That's just fucked up. Who built this system? Who thought it was a good idea?


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Yes, I have one of those.
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I'm an easily distracted human in his early 20's. Things I'm likely to post on here if I ever do something worth displaying include My Little Pony fan-art, badly drawn turtles, and abstract works.

If you try to contact me, but I fail to respond, it isn't because I'm ignoring you. I'm just busy. Or distracted. They're similar. Or I could be ignoring you; that's always a possibility, especially if I judge our conversation to have reached a dead end.


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