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Zee Lifestyle Luxury Issue

Photography: Hannah Bacalla
Model: Sophia
Hair and Makeup: Ellaine Fatima
Designer: Cary Santiago

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I've never seen a dress more inspiring than this. Very good.
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congrats sa DD!
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Incredible dress *____________* Amazing photo!
My God. That gown. Oh my God. Incredible.
silverin87's avatar
Incredible! thought it was a photomanipulation, nice makeup and colours!
crh's avatar
so amazing!
Cyndrome's avatar
Love love love the dress!
Yumenokokoro123's avatar
WOW thats amazing!
ReiRobin's avatar
The dress is so wonderful!
ScaryIntentions's avatar
strong statement, entrancing, just incredible!
badlydrawndoll's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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*Squeaks* I'm in love!
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fantastic design!!
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Mmhmm. But how practical is this to wear? Moreover, how long did that take and how much did it cost for all that extravagance? (Sorry for being so male about fashion.)
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The gown is by designer Cary Santiago. His pieces are really exquisite and expensive. I am very lucky to shoot some of his pieces. But like what you said, the dress on the photo is quite heavy and hard to sit on. I never really consider this as a wearable piece, like something that you would wear in a party but rather more like a piece of art. This is definitely not your average gown. :)
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Well, that much is evident. I don't particularly see much a point in an "art-piece" gown, other than it's "pretty". But again, being somewhat male about fashion and it's... extravagances? I mean, I prefer something wearable, and well practical too and am kinda out-of-style in what I like to wear. I think it's a shame that this gown will probably just hang in a museum some where. I think clothes "want" to be worn, if that makes sense at all. Besides, think about all the material that went into that, that won't go into something people wear? I guess when I'm a fashion designer, I can have something to say about it then! XD
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OMG! WOW!! OMG! Love it!
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