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Incomplete Poster-Ubuntu

By badjoker
Incomplete Poster of UBUNTU GNU/LINUX

!!.:: CLICK DOWNLOAD :..!!

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Best Ubuntu Wallpapers: [link]

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10 Cool Innovative Linux Wallpapers For Ubuntu Users[link]
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Please provide it in 1366*768
plz provide it for 1366*768
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thank you for dressing up my desktop!!
beautiful work
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Love it. My new desktop on 11.10. Thanks!
Sadly the link to the 1920x1200 px version seems to be dead. Could you please re-upload it?
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Superb wallpaper. А логото, защо се върти на 120 градуса ?:) (bulgarian)
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Superb ! Fav added...
Thx !!!
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Hey man :)
Thanks alot :)
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We're always looking for talented Ubuntu Artist.

Please visit: Ubuntu Artwork Team

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Thanks boy
Im one of the admins and i have a alot of artworks done for ubuntu-ir

what cand i do for ubuntu ?
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It's gorgeous really! Would you mind maybe making available a 1280x800 version?
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this is great! amazing! i had seen it i see it here..i love it!

Very very cool wallpaper, thanks so much! I created an account just to say this.
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You have talent, sir, you do have talent!
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Wow :)
Thanks Dear :)
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