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LPH Lyca App

Name: Lycan Huntress
Age: 17 (in human years)
Sex: Female
Gender: Girl
Species: Pegasus
Grade: 11th
Personality: Somewhat of a dark sense of humor, mildly sarcastic but tries to be friendly. A bit awkward at times. Passionately enjoys ancient pony mythology and true origins alike. Not easily afraid of things, good at making friends with those who look scary but are golden hearted.
Special Talent: Protecting others through hunting hostile beings (primarily timberwolves)
Cutie Mark: Timberwolf Skull

For the sake of LPH, this is going to be a special timeline version where she decided to move out of the Everfree Forest and get an education. She heard there was a good school in Los Pegasus and took a trip there in hopes to apply.

Dorm Room #: 3

-Air Track

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:iconlospegasushigh: and Application by wereyote 
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This app looks great! Though as a therian myself, the name "Lycan Huntress" scares me xD
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Thank you!
Oops. But to be fair, the Lycan part only applies to timberwolves and assorted hostile lycanthropic beings, hehehe.