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Batalla de Tacna

Ilustración publicitaria hecha durante el 2012 para el videojuego chileno Crónicas de Combate: La Guerra del Pacífico) del estudio soulbatery.
acá dejo sus respectivos links para que conozcan este proyecto!…
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no es la miel para la boca del asno
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:O realmente que hermoso y en estoy estudiando esta guerra, Me gusta esta ilustración ~~~
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Don't suppose many people outside South-America know much about this war but I bought Osprey Publishing's book of the subject and find this a very interesting conflict. So nice to see art about it. 
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Many thanks, I feel that much of Latin American history is within the disinterested margin because it hides many dark points related to the colonization of European powers and wars by territory, well, things that happen all over the world. But it is very interesting to see it from this perspective. greetings from Chile.
It is strange because some of the South American wars were large such as the War of the Pacific and the War of the Triple Alliance (also known as the Paraguayan War I think) And happened at a time when people can still look back and romanticize war.  All I can figure is that it has something to do with the fact that they stayed relatively self contained so people in the US and Europe don’t hear about them much.

That said though even when they draw in outsiders how often do you hear about them?  You’re more likely to hear about Garibaldi offering to command the US forces during its civil war than about how he was an officer in a Brazilian rebellion that went on for years.
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debió ser una cruenta batalla xc
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Even after 150 years, we still can't agree on the cause.
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I thought it's a drawing of a civil war soldier's last stand.
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