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The Beacon Scouts (COMMISSIONED) by Badguy101 The Beacon Scouts (COMMISSIONED) by Badguy101
This is NOT my art! This was uploaded with permission from the original artist :iconfireblazedragon5:, so please favorite the original, thanks! She's a great friend and has been super helpful with editing my stories and providing motivation. She's also a great artist, and has commissions for pretty cheap, so I recommend you grab one.

While I'm thanking people I would also like to thank :icontheowlgoesmoo: for inspiring me to actually try my hand at writing on Deviantart.

Without further ado, here's a little about each person here, from left to right:

Name: Zuri Lewis

Age: 8

Personality: Zuri is a natural born party girl; she’s full of energy and a passion for dancing. She’s very fidgety and has an extremely animated happy dance. She has some trouble approaching people, but is very loyal to her those she gets to know.

Name: Coby Le

Age: 10

Personality: Coby is a total scaredy cat. She’s not very big and the world seems to overwhelm her. She often acts as a voice of reason to her friends, but is a bit of a pushover and has tendency to be dragged along.

Name: Scout Assistant Jana Ali

Age: 18

Personality: Jana is simultaneously cheerful and fretful. She takes her job seriously and tries to make sure that the Beacon Scouts under her command are safe and fun. She does her best to act as the voice of reason for Scout Leader Steward.

Name: Jorge Rodriguez

Age: 9

Personality: Emotional is the primary word to describe Jorge. He feels every thing with all his heart, from joy to sorrow. His mood tends to rapidly shift, and it can be hard to get him to calm down. He also has a bit of strange mind and tends to share his strange thoughts outloud.

Name: Adelaide “Addie” Stroud

Age: 10

Personality: Addie has always been a daredevil. Combine that with the curiosity of a monkey and you have a dangerous conversation. She believes that life is meant to be explored and enjoyed, and has no problem dragging her friends along.

Name: Theodore “Theo” Washington

Age: 10

Personality: Theo is a very intelligent and mature ten year old. He doesn’t get worked up easily and manages to be the Greek choir of sorts to his friends, pointing out when their ideas of plans would not be a good idea.

Name: Dominic Smith

Age: 11

Personality: Dominic is a very serious kid. He seems to be the only one that takes the ideals of the Beacon Scouts with a straight face. He believes in doing something bigger than himself. He’s not all seriousness though and has a dry wit and an interest in drama.

Name: Lola Bachchan

Age: 11

Personality: Lola is, like, a bit of a hippy man. She often preaches the values of peace and love to anyone who will listen...and some who won’t. She’s also a bit of a space cadet with a tendency to zone out.

Name: Scout Leader Josiah Steward

Age: 37

Personality: Steward is a burned out man who none the less throws himself into a project to keep himself distracted from his life. His project now happens to be the Beacon Scouts. He’s short tempered, but does his best to keep in reined in with the scouts. He does care they receive proper training from him, and expects they respect him for his efforts.

Name: Ruth Franklin

Age: 9

Personality: Ruth comes off as intimidating given his size and her aloof tendencies. Those that get close though discover she is very much an awkward wallflower. She is extremely affectionate and is also intelligent, but a huge dork.

And across the bottom:

Name: Felix Stroud  

Age: 8

Personality: Felix is something of a class clown. While in the past he has been shy, he’s overcoming this shyness and is coming into his own as a performer. He dreams of being a clown someday and bringing joy to the masses.

Varagka Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful work !
Badguy101 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
If you like it, you should go fave the original artist's version too! :iconfireblazedragon5:
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