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In which we discover Lola is a musician

   One sunny afternoon, Dominic was leaving school. In his hand he held the case for his bugle, and on his back was his beat-up backpack. He intended to walk home and then… well he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He was eleven, and eleven year olds are not known for their planning skills.    

   As he was pondering his lack of foresight he heard something unusual for a school. Well, unusual for a school when there wasn’t band practice. He was hearing music. Specifically, the bubbly sounds of a ukulele. It became somewhat muffled as the last of the school buses pulled out, but then faded back in.

   Curious, Dominic headed towards the sound. He soon saw none other than Lola, sitting on a bench, under the shade of some trees. Or what remained of the shade at any rate, as the trees were losing their leaves.

   As one of the red leaves drifted gently down onto Lola’s head, Dominic called out to her. “Hey, Lola.”

   Lola looked up from her ukulele and stopped playing for a moment. “Oh, hey dude,” she said, giving him a small wave. She then patted the bench, indicating he should sit next to her.

   Dominic did so, putting his backpack down next to the bench, and said, “I didn’t know you were a musician. How did I not know you were a musician?”

   “You’ve only known me for two months, Dominic.”

   “Right, right. Wait, only two months?”

   “Well, technically a little less,” replied Lola as she began to play the ukulele again.

   “Oh,” said Dominic. He sat awkwardly for a moment, dusting a fallen leaf off his shoulder before asking, “Why does it feel like longer?”

   “Because I talk and you listen,” replied Lola, giving him a smile. “You’re a good listener.”

   “Oh, thanks.”

   They sat quietly for a minute, with the only sound being Lola’s playing before she suddenly asked, “Do you have your bugle?”

   “Well, yeah, but why-”

   “We should jam together, dude!”

   “Uh, I don’t think a bugle really goes with a ukulele,” remarked Dominic, “Or any instrument for that matter.” Nevertheless, he did remove his bugle and get it ready.

   “It doesn’t matter what goes with what, it matters what’s put into. Like you know...uh…” Lola zoned out for a moment.

   “Heart?” asked Dominic, pulling her back into reality.

   “Yeah, heart! Now play that bugle!”

   And so the two beacon Scouts sat there for sometime, playing an odd song together.


In which we discover Coby is a dancer

   One windy morning, Addie entered a ballet studio called “Shooting Stars Ballet.” It was in a two-story brick building that would provide shelter from the harsh winds. She hoped so at any rate, as soccer shorts and a shirt weren’t much protection, and Addie, who was usually pretty resistant to the cold, was starting to feel a chill.

   Inside, it was indeed warmer. She let out a contented sigh as she stepped into a foyer. Sitting behind a desk was an older woman, hunched over in her seat, looking at a computer. As Addie entered a little bell at the door went off, causing her to look up. “Oh, good morning Addie,” said the woman in a raspy voice.

   “Morning Mrs. Armstrong,” replied Addie, taking a seat in a slightly worn but still very comfortable armchair next to the desk. “Are they almost done?”

   “Yep. So did you win today?”

   “Nope, we lost. But I did this awesome headbutt thing to the ball and-”

   “Do you ever win?” asked Mrs. Armstrong, interrupting her.

   “...We tied once,” offered Addie.

   “Let me know when you win kid, I’ll break out a cigar.”

   “I can’t smoke. And don’t want to.”

   “It’ll be for me.” Mrs. Armstrong went back to work at her computer for a moment before looking up again and saying, “Hey, where’s you jacket?”

   “I don’t need one. It’s not that cold,” lied Addie. Mrs. Armstrong rolled her eyes and went back to doing her work while muttering about kids these days.

   Soon, the door to the studio proper opened and out stepped Coby in a pink leotard and white tights, with a bag thrown over her shoulder. Addie could just hear the instructor saying, “Good job everyone,” before the door closed.

   “Hey Coby,” said Addie, “How was practice?”

   “Uh, well,” Coby half-muttered, “I think I improved today. I wasn’t too bad.”

   “Great!” said Addie, jumping out of her seat. “Now let’s getting going!” She grabbed Coby by the hand and began to lead her to the door.

   “Wait, I’m not properly dressed!” cried Coby. “I’m not even wearing any-”

   “Ugh, fine, go get changed!” said Addie, clearly exasperated, but none the less she dropped Coby’s hand. Coby headed back into the studio and to the locker rooms while Addie stood out in the foyer impatient. Soon though, Coby reentered, wearing black track pants and an orange jacket.  

   “Where’s your jacket?” asked Coby.

   Addie shrugged and said, “It’s not really that cold out.” This prompted more muttering from Mrs. Armstrong. Ignoring her, Addie led Coby outside. Coby immediately shivered as soon as the wind hit them, despite her jacket, and Addie did her best to hide her own shivers. “So… about you’re dancing.”

   “Well, like I said I was better,” said Coby. “I only tripped over myself once.” She sighed and then said, “I’m just not… graceful. I can’t move well.” Suddenly, something dashed out of an alley at speed, streaking past the two girls. Coby screamed and leap backwards, grabbing onto Addie and hanging on. Addie quickly moved her arms to support her. The large cat that had dashed out of the alley yowled at them and then continued on its way.

   “You can move pretty well when you’re scared,” observed Addie. “Maybe you just need to tap into that when you dance.”

   “Yeah, that might be a good idea!” said Coby. She then noticed something. “Uh, Addie, you can put me down now.”

   “What if I want don’t want to?”

   “...Are you cold?”

   “No! You’re just warm!” Addie quickly set Coby down

   Coby sighed. “Come on, let’s get you to your house and a blanket.”


In which we discover Jorge enjoys a classic

   One rainy afternoon, Theo was sitting on a green beanbag chair in the children’s section of the Rhodes public library. He half listened to the sound of the rain on the library’s roof as he sat reading a Robin Hood book.

   Theo was absorbed in the pages of the book when he heard someone call his name. He looked up and saw that it was Jorge.

   “Oh, hey Jorge,” said Theo softly. Jorge took a seat next to him in a blue beanbag chair.

   “Hey Theo. Whatcha reading?” asked Jorge.

   “Robin Hood,” replied Theo, holding up the book, as if to prove he really was. Jorge’s face lit up.

   “I love Robin Hood!” he said, a little too loudly. Theo made a face and gesture indicating that he was too noisy. His voice dropping down, but still clearly excited Jorge continued on, “I’ve watched a bunch of Robin Hood stuff, like old movies, not just the animated one, and old tv shows.” Theo settled back in his chair. He knew it would take Jorge a while to stop once he got going.  “Oh and the best was the Renisist...Rennssi...Renaissance fair I went to!”

   “I haven’t read a lot of Robin Hood,” admitted Theo.

   “Oh, I haven’t read a lot either,” Jorge butted in.
Ignoring his interruption Theo continued, “But I like this book so far. It’s cool.”

   “Yeah, Robin Hood is.” The two boys sat in silence for several minutes, Theo reading and Jorge listening to the rain as it pattered down on the roof. Finally he asked, “Hey Theo, can I ask you a favor?”

   “Uh...sure?” said Theo, looking up from his book.

   “Could you read it to me?” asked Jorge. When Theo gave him a look he explained, “I have trouble with reading. I like listening to things.”

   Theo shrugged and said, “Okay, sure.” He cleared his throat.

   Before he began Jorge quickly added, “Make sure you do the voices.”

   “Alright,” agreed Theo. He began to read, and the two boys spent some time on the beanbag chairs, imagining a medieval world of adventure.


In which we learn Ruth is a bit of a perv

   One cloudy afternoon, the fourth graders of Cleary Elementary School were out at recess. Ruth was doing her usual thing of keeping to the sidelines and was sitting beneath a tree that still had most of its leaves. She had her nose buried in a science book. Jorge was one a swing, doing his best to reach new heights.

   Ruth was lost in thought when suddenly two blue eyes hidden behind a pair of rather large glasses were close to hers. She let out a surprised yelp, moving backwards a bit as the other person did the same.

   Calming down, Ruth saw a girl sitting in front of her. She was short and scrawny, and wore a bomber hat, a purple plaid shirt, black leggings, and large glasses behind which was an intense stare. Ruth recognized the girl as Maggie, one of her classmates. Maggie had always fascinated her in a way. She was certainly… unique.

   “I need to find my ball,” said Maggie, matter-of-factly. She looked at Ruth as if she expected her to know what she meant.

   “Your ball?” asked Ruth.

   “Yeah, I was playing around with my bouncy ball when it bounced off the pavement, onto a wall, and then near here. Didn’t you see it?”

   Ruth glanced around her and then answered, “No, I was, um… reading. It was a good book. So yeah...”

   “Well can you help me find it? I think it went under these leaves.”

   “Oh, uh, sure.” The two girls went to work searching through the fallen leaves. Ruth kept glancing up at Maggie. While she found Maggie interesting she didn’t know a lot about her. Maggie kept to herself and appeared to always be watching people, which made other kids uncomfortable. Ruth didn’t mind though. She was roused from her thoughts when she felt her hand touch something.

   “I think I found it!” called Ruth. She pulled a pink rubber ball out from the leaves.
Maggie did something Ruth rarely saw her do and smiled. She hurried over and gratefully took the ball from Ruth.

   “Thanks Ruth,” she said.

   “No problem,” said Ruth. She turned back to get her book when she realized a problem. “Uh, where’s my book?” She had forgotten where she put it down and now couldn’t see it.

   “It must have been covered by the leaves we moved,” noted Maggie as she pocketed her ball. Seeing Ruth’s distressed look she offered, “I’ll help you find it.”

   “Thanks,” said Ruth as the began to search.

   After a moment Maggie said, “It’s right here, Ruth.” Ruth glanced over and sure enough, it was there, barely covered. Ruth coughed awkwardly as Maggie rolled her eyes. “I’m a lot more observant than you are Ruth,” she said as she bent over.

   Despite this claim, Ruth noticed something she did not. A hint of pink under her leggings, and then a whole lot more. “Paw-print underpants?” remarked Ruth out loud.

   As Maggie picked up the book she heard Ruth remark, and then her eyes widened as she remember her choice in undergarments that day. She shot back up, and blushing a deep red asked, “H-how?”

   “Your leggings. They’re, not, uh… well they’re kind of worn out and your underpants are bright so…” explained Ruth, also blushing. "They're cute," she added awkwardly.

   Maggie quickly handed her book. “Here’s you book. And they are cute...I’ve got to go.” She tried to stretch her shirt down in the back, and when that didn’t work, snatched off her bomber hat, allowing Ruth to see that her ears had also gone red, and held it over her rear end. She then turned and awkwardly walked away, while Ruth did her best to get another look, despite the hat being in the way.

   She was really interested in Maggie now.


In which we discover Felix’s Halloween plans

   One stormy afternoon Felix and Zuri were in gym class. They were playing four corner kickball. There were four bases each indicated by four cones that formed a zone. There was no limit to the number of players per base, and players could choose run or not whenever the ball was kicked. After the first kicker for their class got out, Zuri had managed to get to the first base on a weak kick. Now Felix was up.

   “Come on Felix!” called Zuri from first base. Overhead there was the sound of thunder. Felix got ready and when the ball was sent to him he it with a surprisingly powerful kick, given his small size, but managed to keep it on the ground, insuring that he couldn’t get out by it being caught.

   As he reached the base Zuri gave him a high five. “Nice kick.”

   “Thanks,” replied Felix. As they got ready for the next kicker Felix asked Zuri, “So remember how you’re going to be a witch for Halloween?”


   “Well, I know what I’m going to be for Halloween,” he announced proudly. “I’m-” He was cut off by the next kicker kicking the ball to the other side of the gym. Both Felix and Zuri took off to the next base. The kicker followed.

   While the kicker stood on base with them, Felix turned back to having a conversation with Zuri. “As I was saying,” he said, casting an accusing glance to the kicker, who didn’t see him, “I have my Halloween costume.”

   “Well, what is it?” asked Zuri.

   “I’m going to be a warlock!”

   “A war what know?”

   “A warlock,” replied Felix, putting emphasis on each syllable. “It’s like a male witch.”

   “So, you’re going to wear a dress?” asked Zuri.

   “No!” said Felix “I’m-” He was once again interrupted by a successful kick, which meant they had to run the short distance to the third base.
   “So, you’re wearing a dress?” asked Zuri again.

   “No, I’m wearing a robe,” explained Felix.

   “Isn’t that like a dress?” Zuri asked.

   “No, it’s different because… because it is,” said Felix, crossing his arms.

   “It doesn’t sound different,” said the kicker who was with them.

   “Shut up, Marcus,” retorted Felix.

   Zuri put a comforting hand on Felix’s shoulder. “Hey dress or no dress, we can be magic buddies.”

   Felix’s face lit up. “That’s what I thought! I even used the same words!”

   Beaming, Zuri and Felix joined hands and started jumping around in a circle chanting, “Magic buddies, magic buddies, magic buddies,” like a couple of dorks or eight year olds. Really, those are synonymous. Unfortunately, this meant they weren’t paying attention and then the ball was kicked. The sound snapped them out of their trance and they began to run as thunder boomed.

   They probably should have stayed put though, as the ball was scooped up and thrown at Zuri. It hit with perfect precision, bouncing off her as Felix ran ahead. Someone else grabbed the ball on the rebound and managed to nail Felix just before he reached the base.

   “OUT!” called the gym teacher. “Good game everyone, now line up for your teachers.”

   Various members of Felix and Zuri’s class glared at them. Felix and Zuri turned to each other, shrugged, and once again grabbed hands and began to dance around while chanting “Magic buddies!” And buddies they were.f
I ran into writer's block while working on the next Beacon Scouts story. So to provide content and get my creative juices flowing I wrote this! It's a series of five short stories featuring all nine Beacon Scouts paired into groups of two. "But wait!" You might say, "Wouldn't that leave one Beacon Scout alone?" Never fear theoretical reader, for Ruth meets a mysterious newcomer...(well to the stories, Ruth has actually known her for years.)

As always thanks to :iconfireblazedragon5: for editing, and thanks to :icontheowlgoesmoo: for inspiring Ruth's little tale.
TheOwlGoesMoo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
“So, you’re wearing a dress?”
“No, I’m wearing a robe,”
“Isn’t that like a dress?”
“No, it’s different because… because it is,”

Well, that's the best answer I've seen to that debate so far XD

And I see poor Maggie has had to learn the cruel lesson that leggings do not count as pants. She's doing you a favor, Maggie. Granted she might have been able to do so with a little more grace =p

These are all super cute. It's great to see the troop just being themselves, going through life as life presents itself. You do a fantastic job writing kids, it just feels so realistic. They're never infantile, but they're also not just mini-adults. You've found that sweet spot that writiers can miss far too often.

And jackets are for the weak.
Badguy101 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Felix Stroud: Champion Debater.

Thick leggings can work. Worn-out old leggins cannot. And Ruth is not known for her tact.

Thanks so much Owl, glad you enjoyed!

Why bother with a jacket, when you can just hug your friend a lot?
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