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By badfinger
So you just cut me down! So you just try to slow me down? Ok! You try to stop me, do leave on the road, dead! NO YOU CANT STOP ME! For every punch in the gut, for every smack in the face, I will stand up, will rise and start anew! You can't stop me!
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"Never Forget, always remember--
Never give up, never Surrender!"
--The Dark Tower, Piers Anthony

Keep going man!
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Well I have to ... because without a job u are nothing!
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Wrong answer. I haven't worked or had a job since I had my stroke.

I learned something very important, you might want to apply.

I define myself. The job or lack does not. I am a worthwhile person with a lot to contribute to the world, with or with a job. It doesn't matter if a person has all their limbs, they define their worth, not others or a job.

Not stopping is a good thing, but if you have a real value of your true worth, nothing can stop you. That value comes from within, not without.

Even if you don't have a job, I've read your journals and poetry and I feel your worth as a human being, and as a smart, creative person with a real feeling soul. I believe in your worth, and I KNOW YOU ARE SOMETHING OF VALUE!

Job or no job. This is the voice of experience speaking to you. ^__^
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I did not want to say that the job defines you or makes you a better person. But I got what you meant :)
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Well I have my first job interview this friday... so I hope to be back in business soon ;)
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Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed. ^__^ V..
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