Losing you (poem)

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LOSING YOU (it's actually from December07, but it still is true!)

When the world fades to gray,
When the time seems to stay
Endless and full of ache
When you call me a loser
When you become the totally refuser
Don't you see what's happening?
What's done so far?

Didn't I say that I stay at your side?
Didn't I do what I promised you,
But you are just flying away like a bird,
And don't you see you make my heart hurt?

So you call me a Loser?
See what you've done to me,
But I'm not the loser,
I'm just losing you,
And its sad... but true.

But the game one plays always in two ways,
If you leave you lose always.
It isn't done yet,
So if you reconsider baby,
If you understand what you are about to do,
You can save us from breaking up
Giving everything away,
So I ask you... Don't you wanna stay?

If not so you say good bye,
Leave it behind, like everything you do,
If its over, its over for me too...
© 2008 - 2023 badfinger
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Pretty good stuff. Reminds me of my feelings towards one of my past girl-friends. Universal stuff, my friend. ^__^V,,