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hi there,

it's not marcel nebeling (aka badfinger) himself who is writing this to you. it's me, michael, his brother. today, i'm writing you for my brother. i'm very sad to let you know that he died on june 24 this year. he was 30.

some of you may not know that he got a heart transplant in december 1998 after having fought for his life for 21 years. he has experienced much better quality of living since then, probably with his best times from 2003 to 2006. with the new heart he was able to finish his studies, find work, and live on his own in his own appartment in augsburg.

now in the year 2008 he was in the 10th year with his new heart. nobody has ever thought that he would ever make it that long. except for he himself, me his brother, and our mother. there are not many people in this world who manage to live that long with the complications he has had.

looking back at his life and everything he has achieved, all the nice things he has put up here and on various other blogs, the way he smiled, the way he lived, the way he expressed feelings and the way he went into discussions, all this makes us feel the big loss. but all this also makes us proud of him.

one of marcel's quotes is "Dream your life 'til it comes true...". i'm here to say he has lived his life until it came true. there are so many things i have learned from marcel and the way he lived his life. but the most important lesson to me still is how to enjoy your life given that you only have another 10 years.

it was very important to me and my mother that we say good bye to all his friends on deviantart. he has had a very good time posting stuff on here and was happy about all the positive feedback that he has received. my mother and i, we have created a website in his name: we will collect all of his work and post it on www.marcel-nebeling.de.

thanks to you all!

all the best,
michael and karin

p.s. we would be happy if this account was not cancelled by deviantart due to inactivity.
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I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. He was a great and brilliant man. Always ready to provide support and encouragement. I only wish I could have gotten to know him better. I wish his family the best of luck with his passing. He was and is loved. Best of wishes and many prayers.Always, Alyssa
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weil du heute geburtstag hast...
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Mein Beileid. Ich hatte das eine oder andere kurze Gespräch mit ihm, aber das ist schon lange her. Trotzdem tut es mir weh, zu wissen, das jemand diese Welt verlassen hat - ich wünsche euch ein gutes Leben.

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This comes as a shock to me, I haven’t been much online lately and now I read this, it really saddens me to see this. I know him since around 1998/1999 I played a long time together with him in games like Ultima Online, neverwinter nights and did some small project together with him, he was always a very positive person even in the condition he was in. It was always nice to speak with him true icq and msn talking about everything and reading his stories, I will really miss that. I don’t know what to say more..

Best wishes to you michael and karin and the rest of your family, I will remember marcel as a good friend.

Bob aka Kronos
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my mum and i have browsed through all his featured deviations, and if there is someone who has always provided feedback and given advise like a brother, then it was you...

we are very sorry that you can not meet anymore. yet it is wonderful to see that two people can become as close as brothers without ever having met each other.

it's nice to read your comments and we appreciate them very much. deviantart was sort of marcel's own private world, he has shown us most of his deviations, but never made us read the sad poems nor has he shown us the very sad journal entries. maybe he never had to because we knew how sad he was and always said he wanted to go through all that alone. still we think that we might have missed some private things that he has only talked about here.

we can say that there were not many people marcel took advise from but we definitely consider you to be one of them. my mum (unfortunately she doesn't speak english) and i wanted you to know how much we appreciate your friendship! thanks for being so nice to our brother and son.

take care!
michael and karin
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I felt as close as a brother to him. He was a great guy with lots of imagination and had gone through the fires of life. I will grieve his passing as if losing a brother. I weep for the lost opportunity of seeing him. He had talked to me of visiting America, and maybe we could have met. but that will not happen then or ever.

He will be remembered by me as one of the special souls that I met while I passed through this land of sorrows, because his friendship gave me joy. He will be missed.
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