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Well it's abstract.. I just can say, it was a hard one and I'm not the least satisfied with it. But I guess I can show it to you all out there. Just wanted to make a wallpaper and it was really hard to do. These days I'm not that much in gfx it seems.

Anway that's it for now.
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really like this image
great job :D
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This is very good. Very busy and I like it. :]
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Nice one, dude. WOuld be nice in colour. Maybe, pinky blues and purples or soemthing?
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I love the movement... wonderful! =P
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I like it! Very smoke like...and
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very nice job bro, abstract is the only way to go. maybe try using more colors. but other then that its awesome
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Thank you, my friend :)
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Makes me think of the scene at the end of Alice in Wonderland. The wind blows, the cards fly and the world changes. Cool! I love it! ^_^
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HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY This is great:!: :O

I love the color... but i love the shapes too.... soft and dinamic.... very interesting job!

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Thank you :)

But I hope that my inspiration will come again and that I will make better works. These days my writings are calling to me much more than the need to work with photoshop. But those times change :)
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