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Mustang on the run

By badfinger
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Let the Mustang run free!!!
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Nice car. Love the blur effect! Very nice!
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Yeah I thought about the old times, when I made s eries about cars. and then I stumbled over the Mustang and thought, lets show how you think about a Mustang :)
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My thoughts about cars have undergone a sea-change. I used to be all caught up in the macho-muscle car=virility and super manhood. Now I see them leading to a dying Earth choked with poisons and bankruptcies due to oil prices. I've gone green. I see their beauties are like dinosaurs. That gas-guzzling technology should pass into the histories of the world, and new ways of transport without petroleum should rise up. The big oil companies are as evil as the tobacco companies and act with as much viscousness to keep themselves in power.

I have plenty of thoughts about pictures like this one. ^__^
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Yeah that's right. If I would buy such a car, I maby would try to work it over, so that the engine is not a guzzling power plant... I love not really totally muscle cars, but some are awesome.

But your views are right. It's great to read that a american (please do not take offence) is thinking that way. Also the problem is, even as the tech is there, you have to pay a lot more if you want to help to save the world with better cars and all that shit. That makes me angry. If I had the cash, I would try to conecntrate to buy products that help to save our world... But it's not always a choice you can do, when you have to watch your income and outcome...
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That is the main problem. We HAVE to develop the technology for EVERYONE, or we will ALL die. If only Rich Americans can afford to have health-care, good healthy food and cars that are healthy for the environment--it doesn't matter. We'll all kill the planet and all die together in the end.

If we stop talking about the problem and start doing something about it for the whole WORLD's people, we can save everyone. I volunteer, I live green where possible (All my lights are compact fluorescents, Energy Star AC) and do what I can. Action was needed fifteen years ago, and we are still dragging our feet (Americans). The rest of the world is a little better, but more needs to be done. Times running out for all of us.

I only hope we've not already run out of time to reverse the damage. :shrug: