Kya And Petunia Part 1.2

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Petunia partly wishes she was that floor where Kya set her bottom on it. What a lovely attractive female...

Naughty thoughts aside, it was certainly a surprise to see Kya so energetic. Despite said surprise, it's a welcome sight.

"Aliens...?" She raises an eyebrow in disbelief in response to Kya's story. Sure Petunia has a few... no, a lot of odd abilities and relations to nature (a lot of it being kept secret), not once has she ever encountered an alien.

"At least you're free." Petunia says simply, getting a good look at the item.

"So what should we do with it?" asked Kya, gesturing to the tiny shard that caused her belly button much misery.

She placed both hands on her hips, shifting her weight to one leg.

The roll of bills she’d inserted into her own belly button protruded from the hole in her midriff. Kya decided to leave it in her belly button. After all, the belly button shard couldn't re-enter it if there was something plugging her navel cavity.

"Hmmm..." Petunia gets a good long look at this odd shard. "I'm not sure, we could discard it..." The guardian doesn't see much use in it. The pale woman that's still on her knees look up at Kya. "Have any ideas of your own, Ms. Kya?" Petunia flutters her own eyelashes in curiosity.

"I can try something...” Kya removes the roll of dollar bills from her belly button, returning them to her pocket. “Give me the shard."

Once it was in her hand, the dark-skinned statuesque beauty brought the shard up level with her face, then blew into it.

She heard a gasp of awe as the shard turned into ice, before Kya skillfully melted it into liquid water. There was no visible trace of the shard when the water spilled from between Kya's splayed fingers.

"Wow..." Petunia's surprised.

‘Kya has ice abilities?’ A noticeably impressed expression's on her face. The green haired female's eyes narrow, attempting to get a look at where the shard went. "What did you do?"

"Waterbending," Kya gave a playful wink. "It's the best thing in the world."

Kya looked at the lake off in the distance and stretched out her arm towards it.

A great serpentine tendril of water rose up from the surface and lunged, headed for Kya's open palm.

Once the tendril neared her, Kya planted both hands together over her head and swayed her hips alluringly from side to side in wide arcs. The water tendril looped around her midriff, until it became a liquid hula hoop.

Kya finished by lowering her arms until they were stretching out to the sides. The water splashed onto the grass as she concluded her Waterbending performance with a belly flutter.

“Waterbending...?" Petunia thought to herself out of curiosity. And then...Kya put on that display! It's...incredible to watch.

"Impressive... That was Waterbending in its entirety? Truly?" The guardian asks, her blue eyes shimmering in interest.

"I can also use my Waterbending to heal." Kya pulled out the roll of dollar bills from her belly button.

"That shard still left a scar deep inside my belly button. It feels raw and itchy." Kya pointed at her belly button. "Belly buttons are full of bacteria; it could get infected if the skin breaks.

Especially true for a belly button as deep as mine. Wanna see?"

Petunia nods in understanding when Kya explains in detail about the healing. Very resourceful of her to heal that scar. When met with her question, the pale woman smiles lightly. "Of course, I'd love to see.”

‘When you're doing it, I'm sure it'll be great" Petunia thought to herself, growing more and more charmed of Kya.

Kya taps a finger on her belly button. "Pay close attention to my belly button."

Kya holds her arms straight out, fingers fully spread, as she summons the water on the wet ground back up at her command.

Then, Kya folded four fingers, except for the index. The water orb transformed into a water tendril that followed her fingertip.

She leaned back slightly, and drew gradually smaller circular motions over her own belly button. Kya "Mmmmmm-ed" contentedly as the water tendril spiraled deeper and deeper, all the way into her belly button.

Once the water was fully inside, Kya turned to face Petunia and planted both hands together over her head. As the statuesque Waterbender swung her hips from side to side in wide arcs, the water then began to glow brightly, as though there was a sun shining from inside Kya's belly button.

And so she did, her blue eyes taking in the tendrils and skillful display of water. Petunia admittedly has a judgmental pride when it comes to one's skill and abilities. This "Waterbending" technique earned her respect for sure.

"...Incredible." Petunia couldn't look away even if she wanted to. She felt... further drawn to Kya and her delightful body with every hip swing.

Petunia's keen interest in her Waterbending and belly button did not go unnoticed by Kya.

She decided to proceed to the finale of her Waterbending performance.

Kya stopped moving her wide hips, and the water in her belly button stopped glowing.

A most ticklish chill coursed through Kya's belly button as she transformed the water inside it into ice.

"How do I look?" Kya said with a flirtatious purr.

Her Waterbending was so refined, that she had shaped the ice into that of a faceted diamond.

The light danced off Kya's belly button almost hypnotically.

Part 2!

Kya belongs to the creators of Avatar The Last Airbender.

A good half of this story and the character Petunia belong to Ashley421.

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