Kya And Petunia Part 1.1

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Kya stands tall and proud, clad in her favorite outfit; her sleeveless blue crop top!

'Is she sexy or what?' thinks Petunia. "You look great, cutie."

Kya blushes while looking away, giggling. "Thank you, sweetie."

"Haha! Of course! The crop top looks good on you."

Kya slightly pushes her wide hips forward and points at her belly button. "Can you do me a favor? My belly button has been bothering me all day; I think there's something inside it, but I can't get rid of it no matter what I do. Can you take a look inside, please?"

Petunia nods, the beautiful lime haired woman getting on her knees. She rests her pale hands on Kya's wide hips, even giving them a light squeeze for support.

She leans closer to Kya's stomach, her blue eyes now peering into the navel, attempting to see what's bothering her.

Kya's mouth and eyebrows twitch slightly, but noticeably, as the mentioned irritation inside her belly button flared up again.

Her particularly sensitive innie is highly vulnerable to any such sensations.

"Please," Kya leans slightly further backward and stretches out her belly button with both index fingers, giving Petunia better access to her innie. "My belly button...it's getting worse! You need to dig it out now!"

‘It must really be a problem if it's bugging Ms. Kya this much...’ With a silent and focused nod, Petunia slips a finger inside the beauty's navel digging around for whatever's bothering the lady.

"Hmmmm..." Petunia hums thoughtfully, making progress and very likely about to extract whatever it is out soon.

Kya was utterly overwhelmed by the feeling of Petunia's finger wiggling around inside her belly button.

She summoned all of her willpower to stay as still as possible, even as the abrasion of Petunia's fingernail scratching the gnarled, knotted walls of her innie fired off every single nerve connected to her belly button.

Kya dared not move her wide hips nor her captivating dark brown hourglass of a midriff, for fear that her beloved, precious belly button will be slashed to ribbons.


Kya froze. Only the beating of her heart and the beads of sweat running down her statuesque form registered in her mind.

Petunia's fingernail had gained purchase upon a smooth, faceted object located right in the very knot of Kya's belly button.

The foreign object seemed to be somehow firmly attached to the very pit of Kya's navel. The dark-brown woman prayed that it wasn't embedded into the abdominal flesh just beyond the belly button.

"There it is..." Kya gasped. "Pull it out, Petunia! Please! Hurry!"

Smart of her not to, Petunia's extremely focused and if you throw off the balance...

‘Oh boy, wouldn't be fun for Kya!’

"Yes ma'am..." She whispers, on the beautiful woman's command, Petunia starts making an effort to dig it out with her fingernail. She uses her abnormal precision to slowly and carefully edge it in the direction of the exit. The exit to the beauty's navel.

Kya fell backwards onto her wide, cushy bottom the moment Petunia removed the foreign object from the inside of her belly button.

Hyperventilating, Kya's left hand reflexively slapped onto her dark brown hourglass midriff with a sharp clap. The last thing she wanted right now was something else falling inside her belly button...

At that thought, Kya bent over and parted the opening to her belly button with her long, slim fingers.

She inserted a finger.

In and out, in and out.

With a loud whoop, Kya jumped to her feet cheering with arms outstretched. "WOOHOO! NO MORE BELLY BUTTON ITCH!!!"

It must’ve been quite a sight, seeing the statuesque beauty suddenly leap to her full towering height, before proceeding to wiggle her wide hips vigorously with both hands clasped overhead.

Kya's train of thought snapped back to reality the moment her eyes fell on the object in Petunia’s hand, whose index finger and thumb were pinched around a tiny white shard. It looked as though it came from a diamond.

Squinting, Kya bent down to examine the strange shard that somehow found its way inside her belly button.

A moment later, Kya's face turned a paler shade of brown.

She recoiled back in fear, turning her side towards Petunia and bending an angle forwards to protect her beloved belly button.

For good measure, Kya pulled out a wad of bills from her back pocket and inserted them into her belly button, then planted both hands over the black hole funnelling into her midriff.

The roll of dollar bills protruded through the dark brown beauty's long, slim fingers as if it were the stump of a green umbilical cord cut at birth.

"I...I remember now..." Kya recounted in a grim voice as she entered a flashback.

"Yesterday night, I woke up at around midnight to remove some lint from my belly button.

I heard a noise in my house downstairs and went to investigate.

I saw Aliens, who were just as frightened to see me. One of the Aliens panicked and fired this shard into my belly button.

There was no pain when I blacked out.

When I came to, I was on the Aliens' ship, strapped down on a table. One of the Aliens had stuck strange instruments up my belly button; I think it was attempting to pull the shard out.

I also remember seeing the Aliens arguing with each other when this big boom, like an explosion, made the entire ship lurch.

The room I was in lost power and my restraints unlocked. Just as I got up, there was another

‘boom’ and the next lurch sent me sliding across the room.

I belly-flopped onto a screen mounted on a wall and clung on for dear life, but I couldn't get a good enough grip and I made another belly-flop down onto a console.

The impact knocked the wind out of me, I only remember my belly making a sharp squeaking sound as it was sliding across the console before I blacked out again.

And the next thing I knew, it was morning and I was lying in my bed with a very itchy belly button."

I've been RPing with Ashley421. This is the first story we've finished together.

Kya belongs to the creators of Avatar The Last Airbender.

A good half of this story and the character Petunia belong to Ashley421.

© 2020 badboy1817
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