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The Epic Mickey Crew and Weapons
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Published: April 21, 2013
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Here's some more Epic Mickey Art, this time one with some of the main cast of the Epic Mickey Series along with the 2 main weapons of Epic Mickey 2, the paintbrush being part of both. :)

Here's a brief description of the characters if you don't know them already (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS OF THE GAMES.)

Mickey Mouse: Well, most people should know who this little mouse is just by looking at him. :)

Oswald: A Forgotten Disney Character who was going to be in Mickey's place a year before the mouse was even born. Thanks to Universal taking Oswald away from Walt Disney, the rabbit slowly became forgotten and soon ended up in Wasteland and ended up becoming a big icon in there. Jealous of Mickey Mouse and had lost everything because of the Thinner Disaster accidently caused by Mickey, he had stationed himself away from his world and wanted nothing but revenge against the mouse who had replaced him and had somewhat ruined his life. He was soon forced to help Mickey get back to the real world and as time went on, he began to trust Mickey and even gave up the thing he wanted most to save him. When Oswald gets everything back he had lost thanks to Mickey, he made a truce with the mouse. Coincidentally, Oswald is Mickey's older Half-Brother. Though he can be more aggressive, bad tempered and mischievous than Mickey, he still shares a lot of his brothers good traits.

Ortensia: Oswald's current Girlfriend/Fiancee/Wife who he's apparently had 420 kids with. In the First Epic Mickey, due to the Thinner Disaster she had ended up turning into stone when sacrificing herself against the blot. But was soon revived after Mickey, Oswald and Gus had stopped the blot. She's a smart cat who never gives up on the people she cares about and can be very wary of trusting the people who have cheated her before if they decide to turn good, usually for good reason.

The Mad Doctor: One of the Main Antagonists of the Epic Mickey Series until the end of Epic Mickey 2.(Apparently, its not official yet though.) He's smart, twisted and somewhat crafty. He has a somewhat passion for singing (As he does it a lot in Epic Mickey 2.) And can be super jolly at times, which is unusual for some villains. Forgotten and banished to Wasteland, he starred in some of Mickey's cartoons until he was soon an unpopular villain. Just like Oswald, he wants people to remember him again so he can escape from the clutches of Wasteland and become a star but unlike the lucky rabbit himself, he'd rather do it by scheming and manipulating people, rather than earning it naturally like Oswald. All the man wants is to be a toon again, due to being animatronic to control the blot and gets his wish, depending on what you do in Epic Mickey 2.

Gus: A wise old Gremlin who helps Mickey and Oswald out on there quests round Wasteland. He deeply cares about his friends, checking on them if there upset or defending them if someone were to get them offended in anyway possible. Being a Gremlin, Gus can build machines and even destroy them just by pulling out the correct wires to them. Gus is too a Forgotten Character as he was going to be in an all time 40's movie by Walt Disney with millions of other little Gremlins to destroy German Planes during the war but they didn't get to premiere the movie, resulting in Gus and the other Gremlins being sent to Wasteland as a result.


Yen Sid's Brush: Used by none other than Mickey Mouse, this brush can shoot blue paint, which brings back color and platform everywhere that is thinned out while the green thinner does the opposite by getting rid of color and leaving platforms to nothing, meaning you have to watch your step, cause you could fall through.

Oswald's Clicker: Used by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the clicker shoots electricity out with a touch of a button against enemies and to make machines work. The clicker and also create giant force-fields, shocking any enemy that's inside to stun them for a bit. The remote can also reprogram enemies to do good things, just like Mickey's paintbrush but unlike the brush, it can program machines too.

Feel free to comment and fav if you like and feel free to look at my other art too, you may see something you like. ^^
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