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A Little: 'Chat' = A OswaldXMad Doctor Art
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By badberry123   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: April 22, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 badberry123
Hey Guys! :)

As you know, I've been getting into Epic Mickey, a lot. And, well... I've been getting into certain shippings as well, especially this one. ^^

And I know some of you guys are going to say things to me like, 'That shipping won't work cause the Doc's a human and Oswald's a toon.' But, its MY opinion, I'm allowed to ship what I want without people flaming me cause of what I enjoy, okay? I like this ship and I know some of you won't, and that's fine with me, long as you don't scream it from the rooftops and try to stop me from shipping it.

Now that that's clear, I'll tell you why I like these two together... well, I just think that the interaction between these two are cute and not only that but throughout Epic Mickey 2, The Mad Doctor was somewhat affectionate with Ozzie in the cutscenes and sometimes directly sung at Oswald, not even acknowledging Mickey and Gus sometimes, even if he did it to manipulate Oswald I just find it SO FLAMING CUTE anyway. :) Plus, Oswald was always worried for the Mad Doctor sometimes, oftenly expressing his concern for the Doctor at times during the cutscenes, even if the Doc was manipulating him and making him feel out of place oh, and he went back for the Doctor at both endings to save him from the doom, even if Mickey kind of held him back. Even so, I still LOVE the couple anyway. ^^
Don't get me wrong, I like OswaldXOrtensia too, just not as much, K?

Anyway, this picture is based during Epic Mickey 2 when the Mad Doctor came to the toons of Wasteland and saved them from destruction before warning them about the dangerous creatures that were coming to Wasteland soon, he sings to Oswald, saying that he's a hero with a heart so true and brave and also that everyone needs a second chance. The rabbit quickly obliges and gets onto the Mad Doctor's machine before it zooms of to the doc's lair in the distance. The pic takes place while there heading to the lair of the Mad Doc, he's givin' Ozzie some feelin'. >:) And look, there's the flying Beetleworx in there too! :D

Speech in the Picture:
Mad Doctor: (Is Singing.) Oswald, Dear Oswald, what do you say that you come back to my lair to have a sweet little talk?
Oswald: *Starts to go red.* U-Uh S-Sure Doc, I-I can't be too long though cause Ortensia's gonna worry.
Mad Doctor: *Smirks as he starts talking in his normal voice again.* Hmmm, your too good for her, 'Honey Bunny.' *Tickles his chin affectionately.*
Oswald: *Turns a darker shade of red whilst backing up slightly to the machine and opening his mouth up in surprise.* So, what did you come to warn us about again doc? Heh, heh. *Grins nervously.*

Feel free to make up your own speech as mine is really cheesy. ^^;

Feel free also to fav and comment on the pic and even look at my other arts, you might see something you like. :)
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