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:iconbadb0ys:BADB0YS posted a status
Ok so I truly just wanted to say some stuff. I hurt someone and I just need to get this off my chest and out there. Ignore this if you like but if I've hurt you in any way please read this.

I'm sorry. I am truly sorry that I hurt you. I'm sorry I have ruined you day or tried to frame you of stealing art or I don't understand what your going through or that I was a complete asshole. It was never my intention to start drama. To be honest, and In all aspects, I am scared of drama. I hate it. I never want to start it. It is a scary thing and it always turns out a mess.
I'm sorry I "ruined your fucking day." I'm sorry I "don't understand" what your going through. I don't want to hurt anyone. I simply want to voice my opinion.
As a human, I am going to make some EXTREMELY dumb mistakes. Please, don't yell at me. Please tell me I'm wrong. Explain to me why I'm wrong. I just ask that you don't snap at me and tell me that I'm a horrible person. If I'm being an asshole, call me out on it. I just ask that you please don't yell and make a big deal out of it, starting drama.
I am going to make mistakes. I am only human. I fully own up to my mistakes. I don't want to start a pity party for myself. This isn't to pathetically wallow and cry. I just want to say one thing to you all.

I am truly sorry.

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