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:iconbadb0ys:BADB0YS posted a status
Okay, if you support Jake Pual, why???
He is honestly extremely disrespectful and an utterly disgusting human. Filming a corpse for views and publicity is NOT fucking okay. The Suicide Forest SPECIFICALLY says not to go into the area of forest where Logan was. THAT IS A FACT. Logan did not “accidentally” stumble on it. The forest gates off the area of the forest where people go to commit suicide, Logan openly chose to go into it. He openly accepted that he would possibly find a body. If Logan had instead NOT filmed the corpse, called the police, and been respectful, this situation may have never happened. The fact he make jokes, showed a corpse, and disrespected it was disgusting. If Logan instead had been respectful and edited out the corpse, this would have been not as controversial.

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LoopsiDoodle Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. I hate both Logan and Jake

2. But it was Logan who did this

3. Either way, they're both shitty people
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