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Pikmin 2 SNES

By Badassbill
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A mockup of Pikmin 2 on the Super Nintendo.

PixelArtGuild: [link]
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Say, isn’t there going to be a Pikmin 4 soon?
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We need to fund a group of fan devs to make this. If anyone is talented enough to do this, I insist you do, but keep it on the down low, we don't want Nintendo sending a cease & desist.
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Miyamoto said a while back it was 'near completion', but they haven´t announced anything after that. That statement was said before 'Hey Pikmin' came out, so it may be that he meant that game, but I do believe Pikmin 4 will come out either this year or the next. we just have to wait! Michel Ancel also has confirmed that Rayman 4 will begin production after WILD and BGAE2. Still no Half life 3 though...
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Oooh, that looks very cool. I think this would be a nice adaptation if anyone is up to it. (I can't see how someone could go wrong with the music on this console either.)
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For the GBA: Pikmin: Bulblax’s Revenge.
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it's looks real but pikmin in 2d
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Man dat is som cool shit. I like how the squashed pikmin left a splatter.
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the glowcaps look just as good on snes-stly as they do on GC
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Who else wants a handheld Pikmin game that looks like this?
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Because Pikmin 1 was on Gamecube?
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i was being rhetorical
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I. Want. Now. GIVE MEEEEE.
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hm if this was a snes game then this well be on the vircural console right.
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this is real, right?
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no it's not a real snes game
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I am reminded of Secret of Mana.
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it looks like it has a Zelda minish cap style to it
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Very cool! You've captured the style of both Pikmin and the snes well! I'd almost even say I prefer it to the Cube, being a pixel art fan myself :P This is so bright and colourful. Liking how the mushrooms glow.
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