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Contests Winners!

Winner of Pirates Contest!
Airship Pirate by Faesu

Winner of Beastmaster Contest!…
One Who Tamed the Beast by Crovius

Winner of Lava/Magma Contest!…

Mature Content

Coktail by setvasai

Winner of Norse/Vikings Contest
Viking by denn18art

Winner of Badass Duel! Contest

Winner of Badass and their equally badass steed Contest
[Urban Rivals] Zaria by mad-smile

Winner of Badass Eating and Drinking Contest
First, let me down this beer. by Garrettsmash

Winner of The Will to be Badass Contest
No Pain No Gain by MondoArt

Winner of Back to the Primitive Contest
Primitive Batman by AbelVera

Winner of Brunhilt Drawing Contest
Beer? by jaggudada

Winner of Mascot Astrid Drawing Contest
Astrid by hydriss28

Winner of Mascot Contest
Astrid - Spell Sword by RenrookART

Winner of David vs Goliath Contest
Optimus vs Tidalwave by 1Rich1

Tie?! Here we go again: Which image should be promoted to BADASS of the BADASS folder?! 

84 deviants said Cover me by Toblin
54 deviants said Loss and Faith, Koldar's Origins cover by Chaos-Draco
4 deviants said None of the above

Gallery Folders

Print Captaincanda by jamietyndall
elven by MitchellMohrhauser
Jess 2 by Allnamesinuse
Pathfinder Adventure Path: City in the Lion's Eye by pindurski
Game of Thrones: Dracarys by theDURRRRIAN
Morgana with pet by Ketka
The Bloodlust by Zarory
The druid king by DusanMarkovic
July-BADASS 2018
Motogun by Su-Pra
ANIMATION WOLVERINE ( link in the description ) by KevinTrentin
Striated Pecs 01 by Zeartist
Dragon transformation by JWiesner
BADASS-Work In Progress
Tyrisius WIP by CalebPerkins
Mist - The Valkyrie by FrancisLugfran
Patriot Girl II by ThomasBlakeArtist
Spawn sketch by DavyWagnarok
BADASS-Comics "squential"
Lady Spectra and Sparky: Rings of the Lord pg.01 by JKCarrier
Fearless pag1 by raulovsky

Mature Content

Fearless pag2 by raulovsky

Mature Content

Fearless pag3 by raulovsky
Gladiator and Arena contest
Arena by DiegoVila
Gladiator - Battetoads Arena 02 by HanawaroArts
Gladiator - Battetoads Arena 01 by HanawaroArts
Mascot Astrid of BADASS-Characters
Army by crackman871
Astrid by hydriss28
The Thief and the Beast by kelaydinov
Astrid Spell Sword by RobertoAGM
Hulk 2099 Comic
HULK 2099 vs TREX page 012 by AndronicusVII
HULK 2099 vs TREX page 011 by AndronicusVII
HULK 2099 vs TREX page 010 by AndronicusVII
HULK 2099 vs TREX page 009 by AndronicusVII
June-BADASS 2018
Hannibal Mikkelsen by ULarka
Greedy Djinn by ArtDeepMind
Action comics #1 Full art by IAmNoxArt
Warwick by TheMaestroNoob
May-BADASS 2018
Sievan Kyis by chaosringen
Manisha Cover Idea by carstenbiernat
Rosgladia: Halcyone revision by Wen-M
Crystal Maiden Valkyrie set. Dota 2 fan art by haryarti
April-BADASS 2018
Ratcatcher - Hearthstone by JayAxer
March-BADASS 2018
Savage Conquest by ChrisFaccone
February-BADASS 2018
Hearthstone - George and Karl by JayAxer
January-BADASS 2018
Fenix-Crowhorn- by LorennTyr
Previous Contests
BADASS Folder Contests by Suuxe
BADASS Folder 2017 by Suuxe
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BADASS Folders 2015 by Suuxe
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What's going on right now?!

-Winners of Pirates contest! <- Epic!

This is why we REJECT! <- Good to know

-Submission requirements! <- Good to know

-Ninja VS Gladiators Comic! <- Epic Comic!
Folder: badass-characters.deviantart.c…
Info: badass-characters.deviantart.c…

Submission requirements

Submission requirements:

• We do not accept photography, photo manipulations or 3D rendering, like G-mods for a example.
• Pictures need to be of quality. We try to be generous when judging these things, but what we look for is effort. If it looks like the person put real effort into the work, that’s usually enough.
• A key thing to remember that the group is Badass CHARACTERS! In this case, a character is an intelligent, tool user capable of manifesting some personality. Overwhelmingly, we prefer that some sort of humanoid be in the picture.
• Something has to be badass about the picture itself. If it’s not self-evident then it’s not badass enough.
What is Badass?
The state of being badass can be a little hard to define. If you’re wondering whether or not a given picture is badass, first look through our gallery. Failing that, here are some hints…
• Does it make you want to say “THAT’S TOTALLY BADASS?”
• Is it METAL? Does it look like it came striding out of a heavy metal ballad?
• Does it look like it’ll kick YOUR ass? Normally this means through physical force, but definitely isn’t limited to it?
• Is it of a picture of someone who had proven their badassery, in real life or fiction? Teddy Roosevelt and Conan the Barbarian both would be suitable.
• Does it feel epic? Does it feel gritty?
Badass is a state of mind ultimately. It’s a refusal to take shit. It’s the force of will to make opposition fall aside.
Gladiators, Charioteers, Arenas, Coliseums and Bloodsports!

The bloodthirsty howls of the crowd.  No place to run.  No where to run.  The only way out is through your opponents.  Do you merely seek survival?  Are you driven by the lure of freedom?  Or do you desire a trophy or fame?

This contest is about arenas, coliseums, etc and those who fight in them.
• For the purposes of this contest an arena is any place where at least two combatants are expected to compete in a physical contest with real danger, with the intent of entertaining an audience.
• The most obvious example of this is gladiators fighting in ancient Rome.  However, there are many ways to take this idea.
• The chariot races of ancient Rome were very exciting and incredibly dangerous.
• The Aztecs had a team sport where the losers could be skinned.
• Smaller and more humble arenas work fine too.  The stone pits from the Conan the Barbarian movie, which featured blood fights work fine for this contest.
• Speaking of fiction, there are plenty of other places to draw inspiration from.  Gamsters of Triskelion from Star Trek is just one.
A little bit of imagination can take some of these concepts into exciting new places.
• You are not restricted to time period or place.  Place in a sci-fi future, an alternate past or the modern day.
• If chariot races are acceptable, then other vehicles can certainly work.  Cars, hoverboards, exotic battle beasts etc.  Just bear in mind they need to be in some kind of arena.  Two helicopters shooting at each other wouldn't quite fit the contest.
• You can have any number of characters in the picture.  One man before the howling mob, or teams of opponents slaughtering each other.  
• Using beasts or monsters as opponents are fine.  Just remember we need at least one humanoid character in the picture.  Also, we don't like animal cruelty so think about that element carefully.

-It has to be a new drawing, created for this contest.
-No limit on submissions per participant (You are able to win more then one prize).
Third Place:
3 months of premium-Ship! :happybounce:
Second Place:
6 months of Premium-Ship! :hooray:
First Place:
ONE YEAR PREMIUM-SHIP on DeviantArt! :faint:
Winner will also have it's image visible on our home page for like... forever! (at least a year and probably longer)

DEADLINE: 31-07/2018 "day-month/year"
SUBMIT HERE: "Coming soon"

PS: You need to be a member of Badass-Characters to be able to submit! So don't forget to apply!
Need help about submitting? Send a note to Suuxe.

Need help about what you are allowed to make for the contest? Send a note to Andronicusvii.
The idea for this contest came from Andronicusvii who will also give out the prizes!

Pollice Verso by Jean-Leon Gerome
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