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Mega Nidoking

ability: Sheer Force
Removes added effects to increase move damage.
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Hey, I'm making a pokemon game and I really want to use your awesome nidoking mega, could i please use it? I will of course give credit. :) 
REDXIII-Nanaki's avatar
I love what you did on his face design, its unique and cool :D
Andrea87Sky's avatar
Hello, we are the Skycraft team, we would like to ask for permission for the use of your beautiful graphics for our Pokemon project. =D

We will be really happy if I accepted and we help her! =)

Ah of course, always we put the "Watch" and we will be grateful if you change your re ;)

Until next time! -Andrea87 The head of Skycraft Team

P.S: Sorry if you perhaps have I told you these things, and unfortunately I have invited many, and I do not remember them all =P

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                Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 
Swaggerby11's avatar
hi my friends and i are making a game and we planned on a mega nidoking. could we please use this? you would get credit.


badafra's avatar
yes of course :D
You can give credit of my DA :)
Swaggerby11's avatar
thank you so much  to draw a awesome mega of my favourite pokemon
MonsterMMORPG's avatar
nice sent u note :D
DariusStomu's avatar
All my want :3
Seriously, Nidoking has got to be my favorite when it comes to looks for Gen 1. I've never been able to raise one though... should get one that!
Oroshibu's avatar
Can i sprite it ?
badafra's avatar
Interesting! How?? °w°
Oroshibu's avatar
With scratching and shading skill. :3
badafra's avatar
Yeah i'm curious! Let's see :D
Oroshibu's avatar
He is Poison/Ground or Poison/Steel ?
badafra's avatar
Ztar-473's avatar
DAMN this thing looks awesome o.o
badafra's avatar
Nidoking's a special/ mixed attacker mate. Also losing sheer force would not help it.
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