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Just Yangin' Around

Another commission from awhile back featuring Yang Xiao Long from RWBY in an interesting situation. Has she conceded to her fate or is she inviting it?
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I just realized this is based of an actual scene in the show

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Would it be possible to commission a part 2 for this?
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I'm definitely interested

So will part 2 ever be done?

Sole-o-the-Earth's avatar
If you got the money for it I don't see why not.
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Calm in the face of ticklish fate...Love It!
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So... Yang want's someone to tickle her feet? I'll be happy to oblige.
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Tickle time!! tickle tickle... :D 
pls continued, tickle a feet
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I would do a lot to see a continuation of this picture.
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Definitely inviting it, she'd absolutely want to prove how tough she is. But she'll quickly find out how tough she isnt!
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Yang is either ready for this, desperately wants it, doesn't care either way, or all of the above. Either way, she's super chill about it.
You may regret this decision, Yang. Or you might enjoy it, either one
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The pun titles return. Maybe.
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Ooooh, she's ready for some tickles! One of the best pics ever!
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It would be one of the best pics ever if she was actually getting it.

As it is, it's just unfortunate.
Feet-and-Tickle's avatar
Yeah, it’s a bit unfortunate that she isn’t getting it, but she’s definitely about to
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Either way....that looks to me like she's ready for some tickling on her feet XD
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Ya know what, I'm not even offended. Good for her. Momma didn't raise no bitch!
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"Oh well, there's no turning back from this?", Yang says.
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