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Grant Warner was just another small time hood until a once in a lifetime score went wrong and he wound up being part of a tragic set of circumstances. In his search for meaning and redemption he found himself in the war-torn Himalayan nation of Kyinmar, where he met an ancient tribe of rebel warriors. Among these people who had descended from the elite warriors of kings he lived and learned. Years later a wealthy but reclusive bachelor named Adam Sorrell moved into Fortress City and began making many major charitable contributions to the city. Soon thereafter criminals began to encounter the "Red Thing". As it haunted them, it defended the good people of Fortress City from their violence like a protective cloak.

The Scarlet Mantle is a character I created to establish a setting in Mutants & Masterminds. I built an entire setting around this character and he's one of my favorites. Some time after he appeared he approached a number of youths and became their patron forming the team of young defenders known as "The Challengers". Many of the individual villains they encounter are members of The Scarlet Mantle's rogues gallery.
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