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random emote , maybe a possible revision for :zombie:
don't try to keep up with the flies,or it will make you dizzy !

this was requested as an avatar,but i don't remember who requested it :doh:
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Bad Blood, have you ever heard of a Zompire, a Necroborg, and a Zombie Lord before?
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Thank you for making this!
I used it in one of my fan fics. :D (Big Grin) 
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How do I use this
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Just click Add Media that pops up when you click the comment box, and type 'zombie' (without the apostraphes) into the Search Emoticons box. It should be shown under Community Emoticons.
zombie zombie zombie zombie 
Hope this helped a little.Sweating a little... 
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You're welcome!zombie zombie zombie 
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I know right;) (Wink) 
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owww....amazing! genial
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how do you make your own emotes?
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well..i just want to give him my heart :3
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i seriously love it!!!!! it's amazing i kinda wanna make a zombie ninja now....
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:aww: Just to let you know, this piece has been featured in the news article, Halloween Goodies.

If you like the article, please consider faving it so others can discover the artists and arts contained within.
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i tired to follow the flies
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what a nice "zombie smile" :)
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