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wow a COMBO

By Bad-Blood
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i wonder how does the super combo look like :confused:

i don't know what he ate ,so don't ask !
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wow a COMBO  lol they are vomiting
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The Human Body is Amazing, ain't it? 8D
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it's a trio by the way.
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Guy: That's it no more eating beans for dinner.
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my reaction to dis :panic:
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i don't know what he ate ,so don't ask !
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I dedicate February 15, 2008, the year of the burp, fart, and puke. You forgot pooping.
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Lol! Kehehehehehehehehehehe. :iconyahplz:
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you got me lol'd :rofl:
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:love: This piece has been featured in Volume 3 of Random Emote Awesomeness
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What did he ate? :lmao:
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oh, I know....but you don't want to.
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awesome combo!!! :iconepiclaplz:
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Fucking sickX'DX'DX'DX'DX'D!!!

Peter Griffin:Gentleman,that was a fart!
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a super-combo would be him sharting (a fart where you accidentally shit as well), while sneezing while having a bleeding nose and projectile vomiting as he burps.
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I'd never want to experience that, it was hilarious to see though.
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hahaa! lol indeed! :D
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i've done the first too :bucktooth:
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Burp, fart, then vomit. Awesome.
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