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;) rvmp
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JellyBeanAddict27Hobbyist General Artist
I want be in the legend!
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Shay-SamaStudent General Artist
I love yours. X3
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Simply awesome. :thumbsup:
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tsemalonHobbyist General Artist
its cute indeed, but its gonna take some time to get used to this one..
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oooh... it's animated :drool:

very nice revamp, wouldn't be surprised if ;) got replaced by this :)
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popcorn-popsStudent Filmographer
This... you're really done something great here! This is so much more cuter and better than the previous one, and looks more genuine!

You should do a revamp for :) :nod:
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you mean :) or both :) and :nod:
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popcorn-popsStudent Filmographer
:giggle: Whoops, my mistake. I originally meant :), but now that I think of it, I think you'd do a good :nod: revamp too.

:slow: :giggle:
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That looks like it would be a great replacement. The little turn is so special. So is the shading on the winking eye.
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UltimateAoshiHobbyist Digital Artist
I hope they replace the old one(which looked like a child molester) with yours.
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Good work, the old one looked creepy.
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arriochProfessional Interface Designer
is teh sex..
i have nothing smarter to say, you know i love your work..
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teh cuteness :aww:
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I liek it, did you highlighted below his eyes... gives it a bit of 3d idea
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yes i added 2 bright pixels
Droneguard's avatar
Gives a good effect :P
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lSoullesslProfessional Interface Designer
this is awesome!
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Are they going to replace the old emotes? Because your revamps are really good! :nod:
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yes they will ,and thank you
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atikam Interface Designer
Is that a new shading style i see? :giggle:
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same shading , just played with levels (ctrl+L)
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