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what goes around

...comes <strike>back</strike> around.
i started this emote yesterday,and completed it this morning, because i import'd it to Fireworks...anyway,let's talk about the expressions,you might notice that they are more like anime expressions,and yes they are, because i tried to do so.
i'm proud of this :iconminilarryplz:.

this was inspired from my first emote on dA : [link]

can you see what a year n a half can do to your skills ?

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Oh no, I laugh my limp!
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oh my god, i loooove it! :D
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why not make a plz accout for this?

This is awesome XD :+fav:
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very beutiful **
:+fav: awesome :D

but how do you use it ? .o.
or rather, cAN you use it ? :hmm:
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you can't , unless deviantart make official it.

where do you vote for that ? xD'
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there's no voting, :XD:

let's make one then :D
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This is awesome XD
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This is stunning!
The smiley is very detailed and the animation just looks great! :+fav:
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funny :) d expressions are amazing :)
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what goes around comes around
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bahaha lulz
I laughted my ass off : )) SRLY

I didn't kow the emoteicon but when I saw the rock hit him in the back of his head that just blew a laughting bulllet through me and I laught my ass off..literally
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Very funny! I :heart: the spinning!
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You do such a good job with the small details in your emoticons. <3
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I love the twirl he does when he throws. xD Its just such a neat little touch.
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I am really impressed :heart:
I want to have this emote in dA's emoticons :D
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