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:trout: rvmp

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a rvmp of :trout:
what do ya think, should i add bubbles ?

edit: tried bubbles but they look invisible.
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations, you've been featured in this week's edition of Emotional Emoticons! :fish:
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
:fish: Congrats!
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It's thooo mini!!!!!! :dygel:
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amoooonProfessional General Artist
i like it ^^
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glad to hear that ! :#1:
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omg so cute! love the frantic swimming!
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._. -favs it- I wanna use it for bait >w< lol jk
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Wow, that is a fantastic emote. Most defiantly miles better than the original - actually if you counted the number of miles between earth and the next nearest star to our sun this would still be miles more better than the current fish emote. I do hope it gets added!

With that said and done, I had favourited this before I commented, a) because I was tired and b) because I couldn't actually focus on the monitor.

Now that I can see it in detail, I know why I favourited it, this has been well drawn, I do like the cartoonesq eyes, and that animation is pretty damn smooth also. I think the word cute would sum this emote up to most.

Only thing I would experiment in changing is the outline of the fish, I'm not sure if it would look better, but having the outline as a different colour than black, more orange maybe... might make it look more "smooth"? Maybe add some blinking too?

This is such a great emote, I would love to use it in my blog but I guess that would be out of the question considering its a revamp for da?

All in all this is a well made emote, well animated and defiantly a good addition to the da pixel scene. Thankyou for sharing.
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escaniveHobbyist Digital Artist
So much better than the original! :+fav:
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gescheitertHobbyist Traditional Artist
omgcute x_x
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DanuskiHobbyist Photographer
Very cool fish. :D
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I love his bubble eyes. Very cute, but still simple
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AnimatedSuStenidaHobbyist General Artist
So much better :nod:
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NayelianneProfessional Digital Artist
...Somehow I have this weird desiring of biting it XD

You're a great pixel artist :nod:
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cuz it looks like Goldfish Crackers :D
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NayelianneProfessional Digital Artist
I kinda want to use the emoticon too... although... I would probably spam it(afterall, how often can we really use a fish emoticon without spamming?)just for the sake of it being so awesome. xD


Oh...I think it looks better without bubbles, by the way.
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I love it :)
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Shicken05 Interface Designer
This is a much better remake! Great work! :)
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DarweyHobbyist Interface Designer
great my Friend :)

i see, you have a new Avatar, very Great my Friend :)
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yes bubbles cute
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Lurv it :P i wish i could do pixel art. im like the only one who cant :(

try it with bubbles, and if it doesn't work, just keep it this way:D
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pixel art is like fun !
but hey ... not all emoticonists can do pixel art ,so don't worry :petting:
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popcorn-popsStudent Filmographer
Hmm, try the bubbles, lets see how it looks.

Otherwise, I ABSOLUTELY LUFF IT! Its awesome. :w00t:
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If it had a few more eyes it would remind me of the fish from The Simpsons.

I would try it with bubbles, but it may or may not work. A nice little remake. :)
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