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By Bad-Blood
:strong: revamp

same moves as a weight lifting player.

new shading btw.
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Can't do that now.
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I've featured this in my journal here [link] I hope you don't mind
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I love how his muscles kinda move when he's about to lift it.

And then his eyes are all mean like. xD Quickly switching to "Oh, it dropped again o_o"
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AHAHAHAAHhhh awesome!! XD really!!
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ohhhh this is so awesome.I love his eyes,they are like | :rofl:
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I love the eyes. Expressive
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I'm digging the new shade-style 8-) Also, I agree with @parliamentFunk
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thank you,glad you like it :)
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I love his eyes when he's holding it up haha
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it's like : " darn ! i'm gonna drop it again "
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His little flex before he lifts looks weird... maybe if his face moved slightly with it, it would look better... but that's just me. Otherwise... :thumbsup:
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may be you're talking about the moment when he's making the last breathe,
that's what people do when they lift something heavy,or am i wrong ?
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I love the way he flexes before lifting the weights and the way he seems to be thing "this? piece of cake" before he starts
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I love this. The movements are done very well! :o
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Yeah, i agree. :-)

I like the eyes and the way the guy is squeezed against the floor aswell :-)

Very well done :-)

- Scarzzurs
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thank you.
i love your avatar,btw .
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