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April 15, 2007
splatters island by *bad-blood - Vibrant and punky, an excellent change for your desktop if you fancy something with a bit more punch!
Featured by zilla774
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splatters island

comnts n favz plz
`smashmethod's and *KeepWaiting's
¤ edit: ఠ_ఠ a DD !!
thanx so much ^zilla774 :hug:
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lovely grea work
rogue03's avatar
My favorite wallpaper ever. :love: :nod:
TaGiRoCkS's avatar
Love the colours!!
Dodge-the-Dog's avatar
Whoa, this comes, like, maybe a year and a half after it's been posted up, but this is phenomenal! Beautiful!
Sam-Wells's avatar
Reminds me of the cover of the video game Boiling Point, Nice work, well done!
just fucking great!
Myssiing's avatar
whoa, this is uber cool right here...
escanive's avatar
Great :+fav: you deserved the DD
StrixCZ's avatar
parliamentFunk's avatar
Grats on the DD! ^^ :clap:
Naz-O's avatar
I haven't used DA in a while... and to see something with nothing but downloaded brushes as a DD? Wow.
LLr0cks's avatar
that's exactly what I was trying to say...
XxcloudsgirlxX's avatar
wow I love it
it is amazing how the colors blend together, and I love the splatter effect
you should really make more pieces like this
jalaru's avatar
Nice work! Good mix of digital art and graffiti!
I guess we can call it Digiffiti! :)
Bad-Blood's avatar
a new category? ftw :D
MoronGoron's avatar
Great job! The colors are vivid and really compliment each other. This piece leaves me wondering how the hell you made it :P
zacthetoad's avatar
Good work mate! Fuck what other people say, forget about them. I think you can actually be banned for DD bashing anyway.

I actually really like this, and ^zilla774 says its worth a DD then its worth a DD. Plus the 10,000 views probably is a good indicator too. ;)

fee1's avatar
ah, fuck what other people say @ the biggest art comunity in the world?

its realy going down with dA ...
zacthetoad's avatar
By other people I'm referring to people who bash people's work and bash the fact that this deviation received a DD.

Its those people who are causing dA to "go down". :|
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