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:salute: rvmp

a :salute: rvmp
¤edit : added a second hand and made his right hand near to the body cuz *Kermodog and =parliamentFunk said so :D
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Cooleo, how do you use it?
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This is really looking great the way it is, I just thought I'd mention that the green colour of :salute: reminds me of the military, and the saluting animation is sortof soldier like, so.. having it dark green would enhance the saluting. But I love the shinyness of your colouring :heart:
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Ah, you even added a shadow behind the saluting hand. Kudos to you. :)
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:jawdrop: you noticed it
:salute: to you
BoffinBrain's avatar
Yes; details, details... :sherlock:
popcorn-pops's avatar
Well to me, it looks great. Wonderul shading, and the animation is superb.
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I'd certainly support an overhaul of the dA emotes, with yours replacing most of 'em. :D
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glad you like 'em :hug:
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i really like the movement of the hand good job :lol:
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Ahh you and =BoffinbraiN are maestros.
The action lines are perfect for what you are trying to convey.
I envy your skillz.

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Oh yes, I'd certainly prefer it over the old :salute: emote! :)
Excellent job! And the different body color gives that extra personal touch :nod:
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it needs 2 hands.... and i think the left hand is a bit far apart from the body... but the expression is great :D
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i'm falling asleep now
2morrow i'll fix :yawn:

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I agree with the hand distance and lack of second hand. Great animation on the hand movement... very well done.
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the original one looks more serious, maybe it's because of the mouth. Anyway, nice job, keep it up
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i've just added the mouth when you were typing this comment
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ok, now I like it better than the original one =D
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