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:plusfav: rvmp

:+fav: it if fou like it !! ;)

should it be spinning continuously or should leave it as it is ??
or may be another suggestion
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spinning continuously :)
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:\ it don't go... v.v sob
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is it alright if I use this?
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nevermind I am stupit...
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thats cool... u could make it spin forever.. but its nice like that.
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:plusfave: yaaaih!!! it is extremelly cute!
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glad you like it :nod:
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Maybe if it had constant spinning but a little slower....

I like! :+fav:
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First, the animation is really amazing, dude :D
But i'm not sure about the spin, although it looks lovely, i'm not sure i like it spinning like this.. Maybe spinning constantly or something.. :shrug:
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Very well animated and pixeled, I'm just not fond of the idea of it turning, but that's just personal preference.
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I like it a lot, you did a good job on the perspective.

Maybe you can first make the '+' spin and then whole the :+fav: thingy, if you know what i mean.
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i tried different type of spinnig (including your suggestion) but doesn't work
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i think it should sparkle or glow or something too lol
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i tried to add glow but doesn't work.
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awww ;_; well it looks awsome already so *shrug*
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Maybe let it spin continuously and also give it some glow of power ;p
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