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:phonecall: rvmp

By Bad-Blood
rvmp of :phonecall:
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I hope I don't find some guy taped up in my backyard and get him killed by losing a question game about scary movies.
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its really well done his mouth moves and how he stares away into space, great job
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Yeesh... I didn't even know :phonecall: was an emoticon. and it sucks too. :lol: People will definitely use it now, though.
esoog-adnama's avatar
love this revamp ^^ :+favlove:
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Excelent remake, and in a way reminds me a lof of an idea that sprang into my head a few days ago. :paranoid: Awesome job! :aww:
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i'll call it a rip anyway :unimpressed:
LeoLeonardo's avatar
I'll just have to rework the idea a little, I didn't even start working on it yet. :P
Strong2k's avatar
lol this one is the best :+fav:
hku's avatar
Hahahahaa, :+fav:
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yay! Awesome job m8 :clap: :+fav:
Darwey's avatar
:clap: very very nice ^_^
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HA! I love the way his eyes move around =D
Zguns's avatar
I didn't even know the phonecall emoticon existed
Bad-Blood's avatar
you bewbs freak :slow:
HarmNone's avatar
aww this one is cute !:+fav:
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