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mini Y o l k s



hi devs !

here's the mini version of the Y o l k s 1 and 2 , a version that can be used in messengers ,blogs ,forums and personal websites with no problems.
the pack contains 40 animated emoticon ,a preview image and a readme file .

to download the pack , click download .

when you finish downloading this, you can drag and drop the emotes into your Internet browser , to see the emotes in their real speed .

links :
- Y o l k s - t-shirts, prints, magnets, stickers, buttons, bags and many others
- Y o l k s - 2
- Y o l k s
- Y o l k s - for messengers
- Y o l k s - mug
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I like this emoticons a lot, but I can't install them in trillian, any help?